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Is It Good? Lazarus #6 Review

I’ve been wondering where this title went to, since it feels like forever (no pun intended, I assure you) since I read it last. Well, it’s here now and it’s time to get back to Lazarus! Is it good?

Lazarus #6 (Image Comics)

After a flashback to when Forever (or Eve, as she was once called) was training, we get to see her resume her job of protecting her family. Meanwhile, in another part of the country, the Barret Family is dealing with the incredible loss of their entire home and way of life. As Waste, they have very little options on the table and are wondering what they’ll do now.

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This was another solid issue for the series, continuing the progression of a lot of the storylines, which were pretty good and helped, again, expand the world itself. We got to learn more about Forever as a child and what training she did in order to get her to where she is now, while also seeing her in the present with a new issue facing her. We returned to the Barret family to see how a family at absolute rock bottom deals with incredible problems that they aren’t able to handle. Both of these stories are good and rather engaging, especially with the depth they are adding to the world itself.

Characterization for Forever is still solid, though there wasn’t as much of it this time around. No, most of it went to the Barret family and it was good, helping paint a picture of what kind of people they are and how they feel about things. It makes sympathizing and feeling for them much easier and you do end up hoping they’ll be able to find their salvation. The story is paced and structured well, though maybe spending some more time in the past would have been nice. Ultimately though, while the story did move forward, it still felt rather slow and more about setting things up. It was all good, but it still felt like the arc still hasn’t truly taken off yet.

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The artwork continues to be a solid component of the series. The characters are well drawn (though a few girls have some similar facial structures) and the emotions they express are decent, which can help in more pivotal scenes. The locations and backgrounds are detailed and convey well the dreary nature of the world for some of the characters. I do especially like the brief look through Forever’s eyes when they are in some form of night vision mode. There isn’t anything particularly standout about the art besides that, but it looks good overall and really hasn’t dipped in any form of quality.

Is It Good?

Lazarus #6 is another good issue of the series, though it definitely feels like things really haven’t gotten started yet and that story was still setting up for events to come. It’s not the most exciting issue either, but it continues its wonderful world and character building that we enjoy.


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