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Is It Good? Lobster Johnson: Get The Lobster Part 1 Review

Behold, the Lobster. Behold, Johnson. Behold the Lobster named Johnson. Now, Get The Lobster Part 1.

Lobster Johnson: Get The Lobster Part 1 (Dark Horse Comics)

The story, by Mike Mignola John Arcudi, sees The Lobster mainly having to fight two pro wrasslers: a huge Russian one, and a tiny… demon mask-wearing one… from wherever. This is after the big Russian bear dude breaks a referee’s neck. It’s a fun story that’s got plenty of panel action going down. But I’m incredibly blase about the whole thing. Nothing about the story is really hooking me yet. Flying tiny wrestler, and huge wrestler man. Yeah, okay. Sure, right. There’s an interesting angle about a reporter doing a news expose on who The Lobster is, so that’s sorta interesting, even though they haven’t really gone anywhere with it yet.

The art by Tonci Zonjic puts one in an Archie mindset. The mass appeal cartoon style is not really my favorite, but it’s not bad to look at. Then again, it’s not great. It is perfectly forgettable, but not actively offensive in its style.


Dave Stewart colors like the brilliant bastard he is, primarily in oranges, yellows, and blues. Keep on rockin’ in the free world, Davie.

Is It Good?

It’s certainly a comic. Is it good? Eh. I wish I cared more about the mystery before Lobster Johnson, but I can’t help but feel like I’d rather just go reread old back issues, or go read The Black Beetle again. It’s not the worst comic I’ve ever read, but it certainly ain’t the best. It’s simply…there. There, and gone. Who knows, maybe it’ll pick up as we head into part 2.


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