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Is it Good? Batman #28 Review

We take a break from Zero Year to take a “secret glimpse into Batman Eternal.” What the hell does that even mean? Is it Good?

Batman #28 (DC Comics)


I’m a fan of Snyder’s Batman, have been for a while now. Zero Year isn’t my favorite storyline ever, but it still holds its own as a solid book and manages to capture my attention for 20 minutes every month. Batman #28 has nothing to do with Zero Year. It has nothing to do with the Riddler. It barely has anything to do with Batman. This book is a continuity mess that really only exists because DC wanted to tap the (ever growing) audience of Batman and steer them over to Batman Eternal.

I am no longer a die-hard Batman fan, and have limited myself to only the main title every month. But does that mean that I should have to read all about this stuff that I don’t care about in the one title I do read? No. Because I haven’t been reading Detective Comics or God knows what else I have to put up with just not knowing who certain people are and what they are doing. Am I just expected to know that Harper Row is now “Bluebird” in order to read this comic? That’s what Snyder seems to be suggesting, and that makes for an entirely unpleasant experience.


Not only that, but this comic doesn’t even try to cover the fact that it is just a money-grab. This story doesn’t make any sense in the middle of Zero Year, and it doesn’t appear like Snyder tried to have it any other way. Any readers who don’t understand that this series is a break from the story will be lost, and if they have any sense, will skip over this issue. The tale itself isn’t interesting at all and would service any other Batman book better.

Regular (beloved) artist Greg Capullo is replaced this issue so that Dustin Nguyen can try his hand at drawing the panels of Batman. This I am not at all opposed to. It’s nice to have a new artist and for what this book is trying to do Dustin does his job perfectly. Harper Row in particular has just the right amount of spunk and character to her with perfectly befitting facial emotions when speaking and in the heat of a fight. The action is clear and fits Snyder’s mid-brawl banter well. Overall, Dustin really kills it.

Is It Good?

This issue is the definition of skippable. It in no way enhances or moves along the normal Batman story but just serves as an advertisement and teaser for Batman Eternal. This is a lot to be asking of fans to pay for especially when there are a shorter number of pages to allow for the American Vampire sample.


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