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Top 10 Episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars

With today’s awesome announcement that Star Wars: The Clone Wars will be streamed on Netflix (including the new episodes), now is a good time to reflect on what ended up being an incredibly entertaining part of the Star Wars mythos.

Sure, it had a few clunker episodes at the beginning. And yes, the continuity snafus could drive a long time fan insane. But by its final season, Clone Wars was churning out incredible episodes one after another. Great action, fantastic storytelling, and compelling characters helped it not just be great Star Wars, but great science fiction/fantasy, as well.

Linked for your enjoyment is an article I wrote a little while back listing the Top 10 episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Each episode includes a brief plot synopsis (with SPOILERS) along with my reasoning for putting it in the top ten. Please feel free to disagree and debate in the comments section below…and may the Force be with you.

Click here to check out the Top 10 Episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars.


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