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Is It Good? Loki: Ragnarok and Roll #1 Review

Loki Ragnarok and Roll. Now where have I heard that before…

It was also the title of a Real Ghostbusters episode.

As resident AiPT rock nerd, I had to plead with Dave to review this one. And ultimately, I won, because DAVE CAN’T STOP THE ROCK! He very politely tried, but I totally just reviewed this s--t anyway! Haha, take that nice man!

Anywho, strap on that ax, little warrior; it’s time to check out Loki: Ragnarok and Roll.

Loki Ragnarok and Roll (Boom! Studios)

Not to be a dick, but really, what is with this recommended listening list at the beginning of the book? It is all over the place. Rolling Stones’ “Paint it Black” next to Dio’s “Killing the Dragon,” alongside f-----g Marilyn Manson and Mastadon? (I will not let my obnoxious tendency to judge musical taste seep into my comic review, I will not let my obnoxious tendency to judge musical taste seep into my comic review…)

So there is a recommended listening list, isn’t that cool! It really is pretty nifty. Not many comics give you that, so props to whoever decided to include it (Nice save.) In all seriousness, it is fun to hear what creators like to listen to that helps them do battle with the page.


Eric. M. Esquivel’s plot is fairly straightforward. Loki is banished to Earth (Hollywood, California, to be precise), finds a rock club, and decides to front a band because he feels accepted in that environment. Unfortunately, we don’t get to see him rock out yet in issue one, but we do get a lovely view of Asgard, and of Jotunheim, the domain of the frost giants. And of course, we see a two page spread of a dinner Odin the Allfather is having with various deities from other mythologies ’round the world. I was a big fan of them including The Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Jerry Gaylord lays down the lines and they suit the material, though are a little more cartoony than I was hoping for. Still, cartoony is far from a bad thing, especially for a fun comic like this, where it is so tongue-in-cheek. Again, I’m a big fan of the depiction of The Flying Spaghetti Monster. Asgard, the rock club, and the people are all fun; some real huge dudes and buxom ladies.


Is It Good?

Yeah, it’s a fun book. Kind of has that cliche rock vibe, since it most likely won’t deal with freebasing heroin and cleaning up dead groupies and keeping it out of the press, but it’s a blast to read. I was wondering about a line at the end where they mention in next issue there will be “Deicide in drop D!” There is a death metal band called Deicide, but I don’t think this was meant as a shout out to them. Oh, and fair is fair. I listened to Eminem, Foster the People, and Tomahawk while writing this. So, Ragnarok and Roll‘s playlist is way rockinger than mine.


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