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Is It Good? Animal Man #28 Review

The end of Animal Man is almost here. We’ve got this issue and then one more to go. How does this final arc come to a close though? Is it good?

Animal Man #28 (DC Comics)


The pieces are in place: We have Animal Man versus the evil and last standing Totem; Brother Blood has Maxine; Ellen is still locked away; and the Red appears to be doomed. How will it end and who will still be left standing when it’s all over?

Evolve or Die as the title goes.

As we’ve gone over, this is the final arc of Animal Man so I’m going to avoid too much detail about the plot so as not to spoil anything. Bottom line: this should be read because it’s good. It’s really good. Everything comes together (except two plot lines that I’m sure we’ll see get wrapped up in the next issue), the fights are epic, the emotions and tension are strong, the character work is fantastic, the final pages are beautiful and the final page will guarantee that you’ll want to see the ending. The writing by Jeff Lemire is fantastic, the dialogue is good, the pacing is strong, there are lots of fantastic moments for fans of these characters and so much more (ending may be a bit predictable considering we have an idea of what will happen, considering some of these characters are appearing in Justice League United in April). Animal Man #28 is just wonderful all around.

The artwork by Rafael Albuquerque is great as well, really capturing the horror and the emotion of the story. The action looks solid and flows well, the characters are expressive and portray plenty of emotion, and the supernatural and creepy elements of the Red and the creatures in the story are both unnerving and captivating. The layouts are easy to read and follow as well. The only downside to the artwork is that the background work can be pretty boring, with blank red backgrounds being served up most of the time.

Is It Good?

Animal Man #28 is another fantastic issue of the series and is helping bring this series to what should be a fantastic conclusion if this issue is any judge. Almost everything worked — from the characters to the emotion to the artwork. I look forward to the finale of this series with great anticipation and if you are still reading, you should as well.


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