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Is It Good? Star Wars: Legacy #12 Review

Star Wars, space minefields, a high speed chase and a kidnapping of Han Solo’s descendant all make up the elements of this issue. Is it good?

Star Wars: Legacy #12 (Dark Horse Comics)

This issue opens with Ania Solo in the clutches of kidnappers who don’t have much experience in the criminal trade. They’ve grabbed her because there’s a warrant out for her arrest as she’s been pinned as the murderer of an Imperial Knight. Yeah right, a 20-something girl with no Jedi powers took out a Imperial Knight? Her friends are in pursuit to save her, but aren’t so sure she’s innocent. Oh, and she used to date her captor! This spells out a lot of drama in an already dramatic story. Yum.

Cool depth of field.

I’ve said this in previous reviews, but this really is the most entertaining ongoing Star Wars book in years. Writers Corinna Bechko and Gabriel Hardman clearly have a gameplan when it comes to the story, but have plenty of monthly intrigue to spice up the bigger story. There’s political intrigue too, this coming from the “good guys” but it doesn’t suffocate the storylike we’ve seen elsewhere, ::cough:: Episode 1 ::cough::. Only two pages are devoted to this aspect, which is just enough to set up what could be a much bigger mystery that’s unfolding due to Ania’s meddling. The rest of the issue cuts between Ania and her friends, who are digging up what might be a dicey past.

Fans of the original movies should also note we get a Han Solo appearance, but I won’t ruin that here. By cutting between these two groups Bechko and Hardman create a good sense of tension. When a third party enters the fray, seemingly hell-bent on killing whoever is necessary to get to Ania, the implications for the next issue are that much greater. It’s a chase issue for sure, which are generally simple and quick, but there’s plenty of exposition and character development to keep things interesting.

Gabriel Hardman is back on art with this story arc and it shows. The man has a great sense of drama in his lines, particularly in the backgrounds, ships and space scenes. Everything looks as Star Wars should: dirty, falling apart and lived in. The final pages are particularly exciting as Ania’s captor’s ship is attacked with a good balance of medium and close up shots putting you right there in the action. If J.J. Abrams has half a brain he’d be inclined to hire Hardman to do storyboards as he’s consistently nailing the atmosphere.

That guy moves like a sleepy Bantha.

Is It Good?

This is a great example of a bridging issue that doesn’t simply move the characters from point A to point B, but adds to the backstory and sets up some big future reveals.


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