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Is It Good? Forever Evil #6 Review

We are almost at the end of Forever Evil ladies and gentlemen. Just this issue and one more before it all ends. Big things are supposed to be happening in this issue, leaving me rather curious. What could they be? Is it good?

Forever Evil #6 (DC Comics)


Lex Luthor, Batman, and their team have arrived at the fallen Watchtower — the base of the Crime Syndicate. Their objective is to crush these guys once and for all, while also rescuing the captive Nightwing. Of course, the situation gets a little more complicated inside the Watchtower than on paper…

Too quiet.

Remember when I said that the last few issues were pretty slow moving or not a lot went down? Yeah, well, that’s definitely not the case here. The mini-series really took off this issue with tons of action, story progression, and memorable moments going down. We finally get the showdown between Luthor’s team and the Syndicate, the reveal of who is under the hood (though, if people know anything about Earth 3 from the previous continuity, they probably already guessed who this was), and the fate of Nightwing. We also get some fine character moments (Captain Cold got one of the best bits in the issue personally) and still some interesting hints for the future of where this series and the aftermath will go. All in all, a very packed issue that no one could accuse of being uneventful.

The entire issue is pretty damn good; it’s exciting, thrilling, engaging, and full of twists and turns. It’s admittedly pretty brutal and violent at points, but what did you expect, especially if you have been reading the story up until now? The dialogue and character beats are good in general, with nice touches of humor and emotion at points. It’s even well-paced, being quick and exciting while also allowing for moments to slow down and play out. It’s easily one of the best issues of this event in general.

Oh, Power Ring’s power ring? That’s the only thing not followed up on in this issue.

The artwork is fine and befitting for the book and its dark tone as usual. The character anatomy doesn’t look at bad as in previous issues, the action looks decent, the inking and coloring is decent, the double page spread in the middle is effective, and the art even does manage to capture some of the more emotional bits quite well. This was certainly one of the better looking issues of the event ( though at one point Black Manta’s knife while he is stabbing someone disappears, along with the blood on him).

Is It Good?

Forever Evil #6 was a step up in the right direction for this event as it nears its conclusion. It picks up the pacing, the situations are getting more intense and exciting, things are actually happening and wrapping up, character moments are strong as usual, and it ends on a pretty decent cliffhanger to lead us into the finale. If you are still hanging in there, you’ll certainly enjoy this issue.


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