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Is It Good? Hinterkind #6 Review

With this issue, we have reached the finale for the first arc of Hinterkind. From what we saw last issue, this one is gearing up for a big finish; can it deliver? Is it good?

Hinterkind #6 (Vertigo Comics)


The base is in ruins and it doesn’t look like many have survived. Prosper awakens in the rubble and needs to get out, but trouble remains no matter where she goes. Out in California, the Queen and her daughter overlook the building of their new kingdom. As with Prosper, there is trouble to be found.

Look at it this way, would you prefer to build these Easter Head Island statues or these humans?

I was rather taken back by the ending to this first arc. There’s no big action finish as the setup implied (not to say that there wasn’t any action in it, since there was), characters die off panel like the story decides it has no use for them anymore, there are some more reveals and twists that feel like ones you would see in the middle of an arc rather than the end, and there’s an abrupt ending that switches to a whole bunch of new characters we have never seen before. It’s really strange and a bit anti-climactic after everything that has happened.

While the ending was a bit disappointing, there is still good in this issue. I do like some of the new directions for the characters and storylines, Prosper’s ending in particular. There is some potential here and a chance for some real character growth, since the series has been rather lacking in it up to this point (these new plotlines do open the chance for some good character building). The dialogue and exchanges between the characters are enjoyable, especially when the Queen and the daughter discuss what they want to do with the humans they have under their command. It shows an interesting difference between them and shows how smart the Queen is (her plan is pretty intelligent I have to admit). There’s also some emotion-filled, touching moments that take place. There is good here with this issue, I just wish it ended stronger.

The guy pulling out the gun is right there. How do you miss a headshot that close?

With Francesco Trifogli’s artwork, there isn’t much left to say about it that you already don’t know. The monster and creature designs look good, people occasionally look a bit weird, layouts are fine but boring, the shading is a bit weird with the different styles, and the coloring is a bit flat. We did get to see a bit of action in the comic this time and it does admittedly look pretty decent with how it flows and how the characters move. Other than that, the art is what is and that it is fine looking overall.

Is It Good?

Hinterkind #6 was not the big, exciting finale for the first arc that the last issue suggested it would be. It was more on the quiet side and focused more on getting the next arc setup. The writing and artwork were decent and the next arc seems rather promising with its new direction though. I look forward regardless to the next issue and where the comic will go from here. As such, I’ll see you all in May.


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