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Community Review: Season 5, Episode 8 “App Development and Condiments”

This episode explores the power of social media, and in particular the rating aspect of the phenomenon. A team of developers come to Greendale to Beta test a new social media app known as “Meow Meow Beans.” The app allows one to rate anyone on campus — from one meow meow bean to 5 meow meow beans.

Of course, a dystopian future scenario occurs within the space of a week, and everyone has a new social standing based upon their numerical meow meow beans number ranking.

Community has this amazing way of switching from sitcom into a parody of, say Orwell’s 1984 in the blink of a f-----g eye. It’s genius. The campus is decorated differently as the days go by during the beta test for “Meow Meow Beans” and by about day eight, s--t is clown shoes. The fives dress in white robes, and the lowly ones, twos, and threes wear the muted colors of factory workers.

There’s some great guest stars in “App Development and Condiments,” like Brian Posehn and that guy that’s always with Brian Posehn from their Sarah Silverman Program days. The best guests are clearly Tim and Eric from well, Tim and Eric’s Awesome Show Great Job!

“You know, I once loved a two.”

Is it Good?

Much like the floor is lava episode, this one is really funny, really creative, and above all rewatchable. It’s the kind of episode you want to show to your friends, even if they’ve never seen a single episode of Community.

Likewise, the social commentary on social media is poignant in “App Development and Condiments.” (Surprisingly.) I remember the days before Facebook had the option to “Like” stuff (yes, I’m that old!). It was nice. You could remain blissfully unaware of how your statements, or pictures of you on social outings with friends could be numerically rated based upon appeal to the masses. Even as I type this bullshit, I’m wondering how many “Likes” it will get. As if the amount of “Likes” on Facebook directly correlates to the quality of the work, and isn’t just a crapshoot, somewhat arbitrary game of “Hey, click a button for this thing, person!”

Uh, but yeah, bottom line: it was funny. Also, I completely forgot about Troy. So, that’s good… I think? My only beef with he show continues to be the real quick forced touching moment at the end. But, maybe I’m just a nihilist, misanthropic, dickbag?


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