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Is It Good? The Wake #7 Review

The last issue of The Wake brought us back to a futuristic (sort of) world with new characters and one hell of a cliffhanger. Where will this issue take us? Is it good?

The Wake #7 (DC Comics)


Leeward and her friend Pub have been captured by the government and forced onto one of their ships. They have a sinister plan for her, along with the mysterious transmission that she picked up last time. Of course, there will be other troubles besides that.

But first, flashbacks to when she was just an adorable little girl.

The Wake #7 featured a good combination of a setup and gra, fast-paced action. After the big surprise last time around, the story needs to get the characters into place and set things up for next few issues. It also explores a bit of Leeeward’s past and reveals a few more things about how the new world operates. That is mostly in the first half of the book, while the second half is where the action takes place. I won’t say much about it, but it is quite intense and visually impressive looking to say the least.

Snyder’s writing is strong here. Leeward continues to be an interesting and likeable protagonist, as we see from her flashback and her selflessness play out in the present. It really makes you want to cheer her on and hope for the best with her. The villains are not very interesting at this point, being just regular evil government officials that want to keep things secret for vague and unknown reasons (they have good designs though but their personalities need work). Dialogue is good and you can feel the connection between the characters when they talk with each other. The story has good pacing as well, really helping with the excitement of the second half as the action takes off. The ending is also well done and really makes you interested in seeing what happens next. Good stuff overall.

And cue big action set piece in three… two…

The artwork by Sean Murphy is fantastic as always. The unique designs are great looking and really give the feel of a new world (I especially like how the ships look in the issue). The action is fantastic and the layouts are great, especially some of the impressive full or double page spreads during the action scenes that give you a great scope of the situation.

Is It Good?

The Wake #7 is another very solid issue of the mini-series. The direction it is going is intriguing, the action was intense, and artwork was superb. Like always, definitely recommended and I look forward to seeing where the comic goes next.


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