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Community Review: Season 5 Episode 9 “Advanced Advanced Dungeons and Dragons”

A D & D themed episode of Community. Can’t say I’m shocked, especially since they already had another episode in season 2 that was also Dungeons and Dragons themed, simply called “Advanced Dungeons and Dragons.” This one is “Advanced Advanced Dungeons and Dragons.” Yo.

David Cross guest stars. Cross plays what’s his name’s son, ya know? The bald teacher, actor from Breaking Bad… oh right, Professor Hickey, that’s it. Cross is not in fact Hickey’s gay son. He is Hickey’s estranged son who doesn’t like his daddy. This episode’s funny. The Dean kills it as usual. Chang also has some funny bits. Hell, every character has some funny bits. The best bit is clearly at the end, when there’s a real, fake battle, D & D style. Lots of cool sound effects.

There was some kind of moral, but I just zoned out and missed it. Fathers are agro? I don’t know…

Is it Good?

If you like Dungeons and Dragons you should enjoy it. I’m ambivalent about D & D, hence was ambivalent about this episode. I’m a broken record with the whole “it doesn’t hold up to a rewatch” thing, and really, how many episodes of any TV show do? Maybe two per season? Anyway… it won’t hold up to a rewatch. Oh! You see what I did there? You thought I was going to say it. Well, I did.


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