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Is It Good? Veil #2 Review

The first issue for this mini-series to proved to be…alright. Lots of potential, but not much in the way of story or character. With the second issue upon us, can things turn around for this book? Is it good?

Veil #2 (Dark Horse Comics)

We catch up with Dante and Veil, who is still out of it, as they run from the apartment after Veil Jedi Mind Tricked a couple of punks to death. They need to lay low for a bit until the police presence disappears, but that won’t be enough for Dante. He still has no idea who or what the hell Veil is. Also, somewhere else in the city, some man named Cormac is doing some sort of strange ritual for a wealthy individual.

Look, I’m sorry but this honestly not going to look good on your performance report.

Like with the last issue, this one feels a bit empty although admittedly we are starting to get more of a plot now. We are getting some slight hints for the mysteries behind Veil and we now have two villains added to the mix as well. The new addition of the villains definitely add a bit more to the story and the mystery factor of the series, making it a bit more interesting to read and making you want to figure out what is going on. That being said though, the story still feels rather decompressed and light. For a five issue mini-series, this really needs to step up the pacing and get the plot going.

Other things that need some work are the characters themselves, which are rather flat and generic. Veil is mysterious and dangerous, but shows no emotion and has no character traits. She just a plot device at this point. Dante is the generic nice guy whose sole purpose is just to show concern for Veil and nothing more. Cormac is potentially interesting, but we know nothing about him or what even motivates him. Early in the game for him since he was just introduced, but nothing really jumps out about other than the potential with whatever backstory he has. Then there is Mr. Scarborough and he is just some guy who wants unlimited power. Nothing more to him than that and there is nothing indicating there will be anymore as well.

Yeah! You are ordering from “my” menu!

The writing overall here is alright besides these problems. Again, there is potential here with the new addition of the villains, and also with the magical and mystical side of things. The horror vibe is stronger in this issue with a strong mood and sense of eeriness in scenes, but also bringing in the mystical side. Dialogue is alright, with a sense of deliberate vagueness in order to keep more of the story in the dark. The ending is fine, but could have been stronger if the characters were more developed and you actually, y’know, cared about them.

The artwork still maintains its very creepy and unnerving vibe. People, animals, and scenery all looks eerie and unnatural, making it feel like the entire world is off. It definitely works in the areas where the story is definitely trying to go for a creepy and scary vibe, though in the parts where things are supposed to be “normal,” like the scene in the dinner, it doesn’t work as well. The inking is heavy, also working when it should, and the colors are still rather beautiful and moody. The more horrific and visually gory images are very well done.

Is It Good?

Veil #2 is still a decent comic. The story took a step forward this issue, but it still needs to up the pace a bit for this mini-series, and the characters definitely do need some more work. The potential and artwork still manage to keep this being worth a look, but hopefully it’ll step it up with the next issue so it doesn’t need to solely rely on that.


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