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Is it Good? Creepy #16 Review

Every once in a while I feel like extolling the virtues of my favorite fictional form: the horror anthology. The anthology format is my favorite, no matter what the genre. Yet, there is something about the horror genre that lends itself exquisitely to the anthology format. Perhaps it is that at its roots, horror is so universal. It can have any kind of character, and take place anywhere. All of us are afraid, no matter how brave, and the horror genre just enjoys holding up a mirror, and showing us that fear within us all. Anyway, enough of the waxing poetic, time to look at Creepy #16.

Creepy #16 (Dark Horse Comics)

Creepy #16 features stories from Ted Naifeh, Rachel Deering, Dan Braun, Peter Bagge, Bill Warren, and Jack L. Butterworth (I’ve heard his wife makes syrup). My favorite story of the bunch is by Ted Naifeh, who also drew it. “Do Not Click” is a classical internet spooky tale of a website that kills those who see it. Of a Slender Man type known as The Whistling Man, who appears in pictures by your house when you visit the website. There is a story of a watch maker who falls in love with a dead woman that has interesting art, though the story seems very bare bones. There’s an adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s “The Cats of Ulthar,” with incredibly fun art, and the writer does a great job of adapting the tale into a super short format. “I Hate You! I Hate You!” is an uncomfortable tale about time travel, and icky family situations. The art was very standard, as was the story. I can remember an X-Files episode very similar, and one is also reminded of the first Back to the Future.

Is It Good?

It’s okay. Some stories are better than others, but such is to expected in an anthology by different artists and writers. Still, it’s a devlishly delicious ride, full of 50s era comicry, and enough alliteration to alienate even the most arduous… fan of horror (damn, couldn’t finish strong with a good “a” word to end it!). And far be it from me to knock anything for brevity, but some of these stories almost seem too short. Still, overall, it’s a cool collection, and if it’s in your budget and you’re a horror fan, I’d pick it up. If only to have as reading on the crapper.


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