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Is It Good? Ms. Marvel #3 Review

Hopefully this week’s issue of Ms. Marvel will be where we finally get to see our new super-powered heroine in real action for the first time. Is it good?

Ms. Marvel #3 (Marvel Comics)

Kamala is still dealing with the events of her sudden superpowers and the aftermath of the party she attended, where she both saved the resident ditz and got grounded for being out late. Her life is changing quickly and she has a lot to think about now with this new gift/curse. What ever will she do?

She’ll start by breaking school property!

We are still in the origin phase of our story, still seeing Kalama learn the basics of her superpowers and how she’ll be able to deal with her life with these new abilities. The writing is good, like the previous issues, but the story is just slow going at this point during this buildup. We don’t even get to her actually being a superhero or fighting crime (well until the end at least), so it feels like we are not getting much here to chew on. Hopefully the story starts picking up the pace quickly in the next issue, especially considering the ending to this one.

The writing is fine though, despite the story not moving all that much. The character work is still very strong for Kalama, making her feel like a fully realized and three dimensional character that is rather likeable and relatable. The rest of cast are pretty likeable as well and have their own dimensions to them that bring more character and culture to Kalama’s world. The dialogue is pretty solid, though maybe one line or two sounds silly or corny. The storytelling is thoughtful and allows for moments to happen that are pretty fun. The ending is fantastic and should put things in a good (or bad, considering what happens) direction for the story to go in. Also, we get our first hint of something bigger going on that I’m hoping the story will get to soon or start dropping more hints about. Overall, the story may be slow, but the writing is strong enough to overcome that hurdle.

Gasp! A drug metaphor?!

The artwork remains strong. The characters look good and are mostly unique in their looks and model, while also having a decent range of emotions. The layouts make the book easy to read, even if they aren’t all that creative. The world looks very lively and well-drawn, making it feel more alive than most books. Also, the superpower aspect is well drawn and fun to look at, making me hope we’ll see more of it as time goes on. Ultimately, it’s pretty good and fits well with the book itself.

Is It Good?

Ms. Marvel #3 is still in its infancy, building up Kamala’s world, cast, and also her character. As such, it feels rather slow and uneventful for the most part, but the writing and artwork is strong enough to overcome its current shortcomings. With the potential shown by the events toward the end of the issue, the comic seems to be picking up the pace and appears to be getting rather exciting. Make sure to stick around, since the best appears to be coming soon.


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