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Weekly Weeklies: 4/16/14 – Batman Eternal #2 Review

With the release of Batman Eternal, Future’s End around the corner, and now Earth 2: World’s End in the fall; it would be cumbersome to write (and for y’all to read) full reviews for every single issue of these weekly titles. Instead of doing that, Adventures in Poor Taste will be instead delivering you short and simple up to date reviews and info on what has been happening in each of these titles week to week in a brand new article called: Weekly Weeklies.


Batman Eternal #2


Lead Writers: Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV

Consulting Writers: Ray Fawkes, John Layman, and Tim Seeley

Artist: Jason Fabok


After the fallout of subway crash, Jim Gordon is arrested and put into jail. Batman, determined to figure out what is going on, starts investigating the case and calls in all his allies (except for Dick Grayson who unavailable at this point). After breaking into the MTA Building and checking the cam footage alongside Catwoman, Batman discovers who is behind the crash, much to their horror.

Spoiler Corner:

Who is behind this insanity? It’s Carmine Falcone (who sporting those nice scars Catwoman gave him back in Year One), who has returned to city after Batman ran out five years ago and is looking set things “right” in the city.

Jim Corrigan, aka Spectre, has appeared in Gotham and is looking into the subway crash and some great evil force that has moved into the city.

In Arkham Asylum, Dr. Phosphorous is complaining about hearing voices and he’s not far off about that. He’s visited a glowing green ghost thing called Blackfire that vaporizes him.


As with the first issue, this is all about the setup and also buildup for the big reveal in this issue. While the first issue got us all interested in seeing more, it’s this issue that seals the deal with all the crazy stuff tossed at us. Snyder and Tynion IV’s narrative feels like it has truly begun and it looks to be an amazing one if they can pull off all these developing subplots as well.

The writing is as strong as you would expect it, with again, some great and fantastic buildup for who was the mastermind behind the subway crash. The characters are great, especially with the banter between Batman and Catwoman (best portrayal of her in a long while); the surprises are fun, and the dialogue is pretty decent. Artwork is great as well, capturing some very good key moments with the mood and tone it’s going for. Ultimately, very well done and should get the job done at getting you even more interested, even if the true villain may not work for you (good reveal, but maybe the ultimate mastermind role may not fit the character).

Best Moment:

Sorry, but bros before cats.


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