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Is It Good? City: The Mind in the Machine #3 Review

Three issues into a series and you know you’re either getting into the thick of things or…all is lost. Where are we at in this new IDW series; is it good?

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City: The Mind in the Machine #3 (IDW Publishing)

Enter the protagonist Ben, a programmer who has been working on a security system that’ll track everything going on within the city and can send cops to locations faster than ever. The program didn’t work to his bosses’ expectations, and it just so happens a terrorist attack takes his eyes. Ben wakes up with new ones that tie him directly into his program and now he can see from any camera, speak through any device and learn incredibly guarded details within seconds. He’s basically a walking computer that has access to everything. Scary.

Last issue he started to go a bit rogue, but this issue opens with him going full rogue as he finds out who committed the terrorist attack.


Everything in this issue met my expectations aside from the romance, which had a touch of the unexpected and felt genuine. From the people who took his eyesight right down to how he escapes it’s all rather simple and easy to see coming. That means the read is a ho-hum affair. There’s no telling how he’ll combat the big bads next issue, but this issue offers nothing new. The romance is interesting though, especially how he uses his powers to impress the woman.

The security system in San Fran seems to be connected to everything. Bit much no?

The art by Drew Moss continues to do a good job expressing the dread and dark side of an NSA type program that leaves nothing secret. The characters, facial expressions and body language are a bit too cartoony for my tastes though; the story is dead serious so the style is a bit off at times. The pages are rather tight too, with not much room for things to breath. This stifles the action and makes the exposition elements read more like work than a fun escape.

Shut up!

Is It Good?

This series hasn’t explored the NSA aspect I was hoping for and has changed into an episode of 24. The bad guys are the government and you know from here on out it’s going to be a chase sequence rather than anything interesting or compelling. The romance does work though and that’s saying a lot in this day and age of comic books.

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