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Is It Good? Lazarus #8 Review

Since the last time we checked in with this series, Lazarus has managed to get itself a nomination for Best New Series at Eisners (easily my pick over any of the other nominations). That is pretty fantastic and with the end of the arc almost here, can the comic keep living up to that great honor it has received? Is it good?

Lazarus #8 (Image Comics)

After another flashback, we open to the present. Forever is still trying to track down the bomb that the Free has built, tracking down a lead to a hideout they have. Meanwhile, the Barret family is traveling along in a massive caravan of people who are all also on their way to The Lift.

BOOM! Headshot!

As the end of the arc approaches, the story has been extremely good so far. The arc is basically telling three separate stories at once: the flashback, the Barrett family’s journey, and Forever’s investigation. The comic has been doing a fantastic job at balancing all three of them. Each story is given enough panel time each issue, with this one being no exception, for each to progress a good deal and not interfere or cut into another storyline. Each of the stories are good and enjoyable, with very strong characters, emotional value, and are all heading in directions that you really want to see what happens next. The Forever storyline is maybe not as strong as the other two (with the emotions and story progression in particular), but you’ll still be invested and want to see what happens.

Greg Rucka’s writing has not slipped or dropped at all. Again, the characterization is very strong. Forever and the Barret family are very likeable characters, still being fleshed out and developed well with every issue. Seeing their struggles and inner turmoil really helps the audience to relate amd sympathize with them. The dialogue is strong and helps with the character and mood of the scenes, while never coming across as being stilted or forced. The pacing and story flow are good, integrating all the storylines well with no awkward cuts. The ending is also good and really gets you interested in seeing how this all concludes. Strong writing all around.

Sorry, I went to the restroom. What did I miss?

Michael Lark’s artwork is what you expect from the series at this point. It looks fantastic, with well-drawn characters and scenery. Layouts are good and easy to follow, with very few empty backgrounds. The tone and mood, conveyed with colors and shadows, are well done. The bit of action is also good and very detailed, like the rest of the comic. At this point, there is not much to be said about this series that you don’t already know when it comes to the artwork. It’s great looking and really fits in with the rest of the series.

Is It Good?

Lazarus #8 is another fantastic issue of this series. It has the greatness that you come to expect from the comic, with wonderful writing, great characters, and even better artwork. With the ending to the arc coming soon, do not miss out on this issue if you have been following it. It’s gearing up to be one heck of a conclusion.


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