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Is It Good? Chaos #1 Review

Boobs, ass, boobsass, and assboobs; it’s what sells 85% of the comics on the shelves. The majority of J. Scott Campbell’s work just so happens to fall under this category, at least when it comes to his covers — which he contributed here. So let’s answer the question: Dynamite’s new buxom-babe filled series Chaos, is it good?

Chaos #1 (Dynamite Entertainment)

Full disclosure: I’ve never read Evil Ernie who ends up being a major player in this series. Luckily most of the characters here are fully introduced and Ernie is more of a MacGuffin than a character to follow. The concept is sound: a team of monsters who want to stop the world from ending, etc etc. We’ve also got some kind of water creature girl who they’re all hung up on.

She sure sucks…ugh I hate myself.

Writer Tim Seeley has himself an interesting collection of characters with some steep odds for them to overcome. Unfortunately, I was a bit confused and lost at times reading this book. There’s a hell of a lot of dialogue pulling things along, to the point where I started to lose interest. It might also be a case where there are so many characters I’m unsure how they relate and what is going on. There’s a suicidal character, for instance, who’s testing… something on himself. How he relates to the team is beyond me.

Artist Mirka Andolfo doesn’t do the book a lot of favors. It’s clear his art can work because the first four pages are clean and detailed. Things start to fall apart as the issue goes on though, as if he was pressed for time, as the art gets dirtier and suffocating. Obviously a ton of characters is going to do that, but the panels get cramped and it gets hard to see spatially what is going on. It might just be an issue of blocking, but it was a frustrating experience to read a few pages here.

Jelly, huh?

Is It Good?

The premise is sound and the players are too, but it’s a tough read due to some sketchy art and a confusing progression of story.


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