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Is It Good? Veil #3 Review

Veil returns this week with a new issue. Will it help us unravel the secrets of our mysterious protagonist or will we continue to be left in the dark? Is it good?

Veil #3 (Dark Horse Comics)

Cormac is setting a trap to capture Veil and… do something with her. Speaking of which, Veil is also being targeted by Mr. Scarborough and some other wealthy individuals, who had originally hired Cormac to find her for some reason. That’s pretty much it.

I prefer to think he can’t sing a simple tune.

Like with the last issue, the plot is definitely moving along now and there is some revelation concerning who Veil may or may not be (considering whatever black magic Cormac is doing though, that revelation may be suspect as well). The mysteries are still intriguing as well, specifically in what exactly is everyone’s goal here. However, also like last time, this issue still is suffering from some bad decompression that making this comic feel very slow, even if things are moving forward to a degree. It’s not helping to engage the audience in what is happening.

Also what is hurting the comic is the fact that none of these characters are particularly likeable or even that developed. They are all vague entities with no real background or insight into what makes them tick or do what they do. Hell, we barely know anything about the more “real” villains and what exactly they are (mobsters, corrupt businessmen, politicians…what are they?). It is really dragging the comic down with people we could care less about getting lots of panel time. Other than that, the rest of the writing is fine and nothing really dipped there, but nothing really stands out about it.

I totally can you know! I totally see you guys!

Like usual, the artwork is perfectly fine and works with the comic’s tone. It’s full of creepy visuals highlighting magic and darkness, with a touch of eeriness thrown in via the coloring. Personally, I wish the colorist would go with more normal tones and colors during the scenes with no magic in it at all to help convey different moods and make it a bit more “real.” Other than the generic layouts and a bit of wasted white space, the art is fine as usual and there is nothing else to note.

Is It Good?

Veil #3 remains to be an alright comic. The story is progressing fine enough and the writing and artwork are competent, but it’s not particularly engaging and the characters are almost non-entities with bare bones “personalities.” With us having passed the half way mark, the mini-series is really going to have to pick things up if its ever going to make a real impact or impression.


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