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Is It Good? All-New Ghost Rider #3 Review

A new Ghost Rider has arrived and he lives in LA, has a handicapped brother, oh, and he was killed over drugs. Is it good?

All-New Ghost Rider (2014-) #3 (Marvel Comics)

We found out more regarding the villain of this series last month so it’s high time the hero and villain trade some blows. Or at least get closer to doing so. Before we do that though, this issue has our hero, Robbie Reyes, coming to grips with the Ghost Rider spirit. He and the spirit aren’t seeing eye to eye yet, and in particular Robbie has no idea what it even is and if it can be trusted. This issue makes major progress in that regard and we get to see him kick some ass to boot.

Olly olly oxen free!

The writing in this issue is a bit wordy, particularly because it’s exposition heavy and setting things up more than delivering fun dialogue. Writer Felipe Smith scores high praise for the Ghost Rider/Robbie conversation, but the remaining bits are setting things up in a very monotonous way. It’s obvious it’s exposition for exposition sake and not weaved in very fluidly. Later on, when Ghost Rider kicks ass and Robbie is figuring out his powers, there are some choice moments of him playing around with the powers that are interesting and fun. The book feels a bit unbalanced, but overall it’s a solid read.

Spider-Man fish on the left!

Once again the art by Tradd Moore is delectable. There aren’t as many odd curvatures to characters arms as we saw in issue #1, but the fluidity is still there and screams energy. The fight sequence is extremely fun, especially due to the wild layout he uses. There are 17 panels on one page with only sound effects and no dialogue or narration. As he’s beating on one character the panels get smaller and smaller and focus on little bits like a single tooth flying in the air. It’s very action packed and reminds me of anime in a lot of ways.

That’d kill you I think.

Is It Good?

By and large a strong issue. There’s some heavy handed exposition portions, but the opening and closing are high octane action that shouldn’t be missed.


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