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Is It Good? Mars Attacks: First Born #1 Review

Sam Kieth draws a Mars Attacks book this week and I know what you’re thinking: gimme. Well hold on just a second: is it good?

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Mars Attacks: First Born #1 (IDW Publishing)

The concept being this book is interesting, especially given how ruthless and terrible the Martians are from Mars Attacks. A baby Martian was left after an invasion of Earth; the Martians have taken what they wanted and left, but the threat of their return is always there. A young girl named Claire has befriended the Martian baby and most of the issue is narrated by her. Also, she was struck blind after the alien invasion… which turns out be an interesting hook because she exactly doesn’t know the baby is a Martian (she thinks is the glass globe around his head is there for his protection).


I’m not sure what to make of this comic. The characters are vivid and clear along with the premise — but why I should care remains to be seen. Sure I should care about Clare, a young girl who doesn’t deserve to die, but the scope of the Martian invasion isn’t yet clear. We only know that Clare’s Uncle Woody ls letting the Martian stay in his basement… but not why. (Are you that lonely, Uncle Woody?)

It’s also a bit much to think Clare herself hasn’t figured it out yet; the girl is blind but not stupid right? When the eventual outcome takes place (namely the Martians come back), it’s not very exciting or surprising. There’s also a very strange scene with a woman cleaning broken plates. How she fits in the story isn’t clear and only befuddles things.

The art by Kieth is, as always, pretty great. There’s a wild collection of artistic elements here, from chalk to water color it’s got it all. Of course the customary pencils abound and there’s plenty of little touches to make the pages pop. Frankly though, Kieth doesn’t have much to work with considering it’s all in a boring basement. When the Martians do show up they are frightening so there is that. The baby is also adequately cute.

Nice wig.

Is It Good?

This series doesn’t offer anything new to what you’d expect. Little girl, baby Martian…against the Martians! Blah is all I have to say about this read as it doesn’t pop or have much of a reason to exist just yet.

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