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Is It Good? Mighty Avengers #11 Review

Original Sin tie-in fun continues on in the latest Mighty Avengers. What secrets will we learn and what lies will be revealed? Is it good?

Mighty Avengers #11 (Marvel Comics)


After the Watcher eye bomb thing went off, Luke Cage learned a surprising secret: his father, James Geary/Lucas, led a super powered team back in the early 70’s. After all the conflict with his dad over his lifestyle, Luke decides to dig up some information on his father’s team.

Oh 70’s, you and your silly outfits and styles.

This issue was mostly setup, using the Original Sin tie-in to its advantage to build the Blade and Deathwalker storyline. Like I said, it’s mostly just setup, introducing all of the characters and the events that led up to what happened back in the early 70’s with James Geary/Lucas and a bit on how they connect to what is happening in the present. It’s very interesting and really gets you excited to see what happens next.

Like always, the writing by Al Ewing is solid. The characters are fantastic and make an issue that is primarily setup (usually a dull affair) very enjoyable; the dialogue is very well done, the characters all feature very distinct personalities. Long story short: Ewing did a nice job with them. On top of that the pacing is fine, the story structure is good, and the ending is pretty good overall. There’s not much to say here that isn’t already said with this series, the writing remains very strong.

Yes coroners, this is not the corpse you are looking for.

Then there is artwork by Greg Land, which features the usual qualities (or lack thereof) you would come to expect. To this issue’s credit however, the artwork feels better than usual. Maybe the inking and coloring deserve some more props, as it’s the same people who’ve been here since the first issue. Heck, even some of the penciling looks better and less unnatural in areas as well.

Is It Good?

Mighty Avengers #11 is overall another great issue of the series. If you are looking for a good tie-in to Original Sin that doesn’t sacrifice anything or take too big a detour from the main plot, this may be exactly what you are looking for. Just a good book all around.


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