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Is It Good? Hinterkind #9 Review

I have been really enjoying Hinterkind lately. A series I wasn’t so fond of becoming a comic that I anticipate every month is a nice feeling. Can the latest issue keep it up? Is it good?

Hinterkind #9 (Vertigo Comics)


It’s time for backstory: we get to learn about the Vampire Nation and exactly what they are like, what their goals are, and more. Meanwhile, we find out more about what happened to Angus and Lachlan after they escape the underground base after it went all to pieces.

Man, you need to show up quicker next time so you can actually have a bite.

I’d compare this issue with #4 in the series. It’s similar with how it’s more about building up the mythos and history of the world and its characters more than progressing or pushing the story further. A third of the book deals with telling the history of the Vampire Nation and such. However, in comparison, it’s still much better since it deals in a lot of characterization and development. It really helps flesh out these new villains and what their motivations are, making them seem less truly despicably evil like they have been up until now. Sure, they are definitely still bad, but you get an understanding of their motivations and adds a dimension to them. The dynamics between Prosper and John were very enjoyable as well.

The rest of the writing is perfectly fine. There are some decent dialogue and character bits. The pacing is nice, even if the story is moving slowly and not really going anywhere at the moment (except for the ending). The story structure is nicely laid out and everything, so there are no weird cuts or transitions. The ending in particular is rather exciting and leaves off on a great cliffhanger, even though you can sort of guess it was coming.

Hey look, it’s not his fault that he’s not genre savvy like you.

There’s not much left to say about the artwork that hasn’t already been said. It’s perfectly fine, but is rather bland in areas. Admittedly, there’s some rather nice looking shots in this issue that I like. There’s a very nicely laid out and detailed double page spread of a huge fight breaking out, the dramatic effect and angle with one character standing in front of a painting, and the opening pages are really creepy looking with a great design for this leader vampire. However, everything else is up to the same level of quality you expect at this point.

Is It Good?

Hinterkind #9 is another decent issue of the series, even though there wasn’t much movement or progression with the story this time around. The new developments and mythos it continues to build are good, adding more depth to the comic; along with some very decent and subtle character development here. Probably the weakest issue of the new arc so far, but still an enjoyable time none the less.


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