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Is It Good? Doberman #1 Review

Take a look at that cover and two things should immediately strike you. The first is the very 80’s cop movie look to everything. The second is the quote from Charlie Day of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia fame, giving this book props. A funny comic with an interesting premise and endorsement from a comedic star, sounds good…but is it good?

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Doberman #1 (IDW Publishing)

The main character is named Doberano, for starters, so don’t be thinking he’s some dog man. No, but he is one hotshot cop with enough swagger to beat bad guys senseless just for fun. It’s clear he’s some sort of amalgam of Riggs from Lethal Weapon and Crocket from Miami Vice. He’s insanely confident and drinks a lot. Some of his peers think he’s reckless—which he is—but he doesn’t care what anybody thinks. The main thread of this issue is setting up a big mistake Doberano makes that he’s ashamed of and proves maybe his recklessness is a danger.

Hardy har har.

The concept behind this series, written by It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia producer Scott Marder, is pretty sound. This type of cop isn’t in pop culture anymore, but nostalgia kicks in when you see the silly badassery going on. Anyone who loves those cheesy cop shows and movies can attest the material is rife for humor. That said, this comic actually isn’t all that funny. It’s more badass to be badass and does a good job breaking a few conventions, like having two men hug and not be worried about their sexuality, but beyond that it’s a rather boring story. There’s also a couple confusing things, like why does the bad guy just give up? And why is Doberano so afraid of an attacking dog?

The art by Brandon Mckinney is good with a semi cartoony vibe. Some of the panels, especially later when the climactic battle kicks in, are too claustrophobic for their own good. They seem to be tight on the subjects, with minimal backgrounds, as he was rushed and couldn’t finish. It’s rather storyboard esque rather than exciting or intriguing.


Is It Good?

The premise is sound, but the story isn’t funny nor all that interesting.

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