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Is It Good? The Devilers #1 Review

The world is under attack from the forces of Hell and they’ve already taken over the Vatican. Can a team of folks who don’t even know each other take on the devil himself?

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”Atheists know there is no God, but what if there were?” is a premise we’ve heard time and time again. This comic has an interesting hook though, and that’s the fact that humanity has made a pact with the devil and he’s just now breaking that pact. A group of superhero-like religious folks are coming together, from all different cloths, to take on this new threat: The Devilers #1… is it good?

The Devilers #1 (Dynamite Entertainment)

This issue opens with our main character telling a reporter the truth behind all the arcane, magical occurrences throughout history and how they were anything but supernatural. We quickly find out the Vatican is under attack and our protagonist was touched by a demon. Since then he’s had the sight, and is quickly called in by a Cardinal to join a team of people from around the world who don’t know each other to fight. Sounds legit.

The truth!

Call to action, a reluctant hero, and naysayers are present in this story; all the while the s--t is hitting the fan. You might think you’ve seen this story before, and maybe you have, but not so well rendered as here. The pace, scope and art all combine into one epicly awesome first issue. Writer Joshua Hale Fialkov must have had one awesome outline, because everything flows very well. From the introduction of supernatural history being a farce, to our protagonist and his disbelief, it all adds up a well-crafted setup. The reality is clear, until it isn’t, because when the curtain opens nothing is what it seems.

Neat backstory.

The art by Matt Triano is dark and moody with heavy ink work and shadows encompassing every panel. In a lot of ways it reminds me of a less detailed Mike Deodato Jr. There may be a few facial expressions that are off, but aside from that the lighting, monsters and mood are always exceptional.

Uh, dude you’re on fire…

Is It Good?

I had no idea what to expect from this book, but was pleasantly surprised by a well told story. The concept in general might not be brand new, but the way it’s delivered is well worth your dime.

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