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Is It Good? Unity #9 Review

If you haven’t read any of our Armor Hunters reviews, you have no idea what you’re missing. Valiant is putting on the best comic book event of the year and this issue carries that story forward. Is it good?

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Unity #9 (Valiant Entertainment)

A mishmash group of aliens has arrived on Earth to destroy the X-O armor. It always seems to rise up and kill many, so they’re doing us a favor. Only thing is it’s currently being defended by Americans and we all know how stubborn they can be. At the same time we just found out somehow our hero in the suit has stopped it from consuming his body. In retaliation of not being handed the armor, the aliens blew up Mexico City. Now they’ve sent out giant alien dogs to attack every area the armor has ever inhabited. Ninjak and Eternal Warrior are on it to take these beasties out and at the same time Livewire is having a bit of an identity crisis as she determines if she’s an alien or not.

Spider-Man jumpin’!

Matt Kindt writes a rather good tie-in here, although I can’t say it’s necessary reading. This issue serves as a quick aside if you wanted to get an extra action sequence in between Ninjak and Eternal Warrior versus the monster dogs. As far as character development there really is none, although we do get some clarity on Livewire. Aside from that it really serves no purpose. In a sense that’s a good thing, because events that have required reading tie-in issues tend to piss readers off. Valiant has been very good at making sure the main event holds all the details and the tie-in issues are really for folks who want a little more.

The art by Stephen Segovia is top notch, with good action sequences and well rendered characters. His work reminds me of Leinil Yu with a stronger control of expressions. His layouts feel a little too expensive here and there though which gives the sense that there isn’t much material within. An action sequence by Segovia that lasts three pages could probably fit in one page if done with more panels, for instance. It’s still strong work, it just makes the entire read a lot like filler and not very important.

And yet he’s got all the history stuck in his noggin.

Is It Good?

Another good tie-in if you’re looking for action, but not a 100% necessary read.

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