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Is It Good? Manifest Destiny #8 Review

Manifest Destiny returns this week (I wish it was last week when there was a lull in books) and last time, we left off on a giant killer frog taking the crew. Crazy? Yes! Awesome? Quite possibly. We’ll find out now with this issue, won’t we? Is it good?

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Manifest Destiny #8 (Image Comics)

So yeah, killer frog in the water! This recent gigantic creature attack has ended up separating the expedition into two separate groups. Clark and his group are stranded on the shore with no way to get back onto the ship because they can’t get into the water. Lewis and his group are stranded on the ship with nowhere to go due to the ship being lodged on another strange arc, similar to the one they saw in the first issue, that’s just under the water. So what can they do now?

Giant frog eyes naturally glow underwater. Jeez, don’t you people know your biology?

In comparison to how I felt about the last issue, I’m much more excited and energized after reading this and really want to see more. This issue felt like it had more going on and like the main focus/story has really gotten started with the characters having this new dilemma that they have to face. They are essentially stuck between a rock and a hard place, with little idea on what they can do now. It really makes you interested in how they’ll resolve this problem and also what they’ll now have to deal with after that nasty cliffhanger. The story, admittedly, slows down slightly in the middle, but it does do a quick rebound to keep it going without it dragging a bit.

The writing in turn here was very nice like what is to be expected. I am a little disappointed that it didn’t have as much character development or characterization for the main players. Sacajawea, who has been a bit underused, does get some good characterization and development, showing how intelligent and brave she is here. Everyone else is a bit of a non-character to a certain degree, just sort of there as fodder essentially (didn’t care for one element of the ending because of that and there being little development). Pacing is decent enough, structure is fine, and it never has anything that conflicts with the tone. All in all: problems, but still a lot of good to be found here.

The artwork looks great and really seems to outdo itself at times. Besides the decent characters and well-drawn depictions of the locations (though some backgrounds leave a bit to be desired), the layouts and attention to the detail in the creatures are phenomenal. The attack scenes look incredible and I love how some of even the smaller moments are given some neat layout choices (the speech that both Clark and one of his men give at the same time at different locations really flows well and looks great). I can’t really get much into the creature design and looks here, but again, it looks amazing and makes them extremely creepy. This is easily top-notch work that really adds so much onto the book.

Is It Good?

Manifest Destiny #8 is another fantastic issue for the series, making it one of Image’s most underrated books they are publishing. The story is really heating up now as the big conflict for the arc rears its ugly, but amazingly drawn head. The writing is strong and artwork is gorgeous overall. Still highly recommended and worth your time checking out.

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