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Is It Good? My Little Pony: Friends Forever #7 Review

Time for another My Little Pony teamup special! This time, Princess Luna and Pinkie Pie are teaming up together, a rather amusing and interesting combination this time to be sure. What will we see this time? Is it good?

My Little Pony: Friends Forever #7 (IDW Publishing)

Princess Luna goes to Twilight Sparkle in desperate need of some help. The annual Chuckle-Lot is quickly approaching. The event was created by Princess Celestia in order to grow closer to the people of Equestria, feeling that she and her sister were not that close to their subjects as they should be. The event is meant for everyone to have a lot of fun together and where Celestia can cut loose and make people laugh. Now that Luna is back, she wants to join in on the fun, but she doesn’t know how since people are still so scared of her. Twilight offers a suggestion: Why not have Pinkie Pie teach her to be funny?

I see Celestia is a big fan of Gallagher.

This is an odd issue to me. On the one hand, it’s overall solid and has some good points to it, but on the other hand, it is as equally problematic. Where this issue really shines is in the commentary on humor and how it’s supposed to work, but also the serious nature and moral that can be taken from it. Humor is a very subjective element and comes in very many forms with very many different ways it can be done and how it affects people. The comic really actually has some interesting things to say about humor and the nature of humor itself, which can be great to actually teach young kids something. The moral itself about learning to laugh at yourself is also very well handled. It’s definitely one of the most mature My Little Pony comics that I’ve come across.

Unfortunately, the issue suffers from some continuity issues. This story takes place sometime after Twilight Sparkle became an alicorn, thus taking place quite a while after Princess Luna became normal again and started working on winning over fellow subjects. However, some of her behavior (like talking in a loud voice) indicates that she is still having a lot of trouble adjusting to the world. This feels rather confusing since she seemed to have overcome a lot of these problems. It feels like she and the world regressed a bit in a way. It ultimately makes it feel like this story should be taking place a lot earlier than it is currently taking place.

Also, Pinkie Pie should have really gotten over this at some point.

Touching on the rest of the writing, it’s reasonably good. The characters feel accurate for the most part outside of the issues I mentioned previously. The pacing is decent, except for the ending which feels slightly rushed. The dialogue is just fine and ending is rather sweet. The humor is a bit iffy though; ironically, an entire issue about humor is one of the least funny issues of My Little Pony I have read. The jokes work for the most part, but the humor doesn’t feel very frequent since the book takes itself very seriously at points and a few fall flat.

Tony Fleecs returns on art for this issue and he continues to do a decent job overall. The characters look good and have a decent range of emotions that do occasionally add to seriousness of the comic fairly well. The layouts work, but are a bit bland and some of the backgrounds are very dull and empty. The coloring is fine, matching the color palette for the series a bit more than other comics do. The artwork here overall does a good job.

Is It Good?

My Little Pony: Friends Forever #7 is a decent issue of the series that has some depth and a strong moral that can be taken. Its continuity is a bit messy and some parts of the story needed some more polish, but overall, it wasn’t too bad at all.


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