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Is it Good? Ragnarok #1 Review

My return to reviewing comic books begins with comic legend Walter Simonson’s return to writing comic books. Ragnarok #1, a beautiful new Norse fantasy series written and drawn by Simonson himself debuts this week; is it good?

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Ragnarok #1 (IDW Publishing)

This comic book is clearly well researched, thoroughly thought through and expertly organized and as a result is a very satisfying, impressive read. From the various Norse quotes to the interesting and neat paneling, everything about this book exudes the right tone. It all seems to go with the theme of Norse mythology and really shows a high respect for the culture. The fact that it is a fictional story with various fantastical elements does not detract at all from the fact that much of this book is rooted in Norse mythology. It is both a successful fantasy story and honest to the source material.

Everything was beautiful about this comic

However, great use of mythology alone is not enough to make this comic’s story great. I have to say, the tale Simonson is trying to tell here is very confusing. It doesn’t seem very episodic but more like a stream of events crammed into the allotted pages. I didn’t feel particularly touched by any of the characters and by the end of the comic I didn’t really have any real desire to read the next one. Overall, just a lackluster tale in general.

That’s not to say that there weren’t some interesting storytelling techniques. There was an interesting little bit of foreshadowing and some great badass moments.

The art, as predicted, was phenomenal. From the epic battle scenes in the opening to the calm, emotional small character moments, everything was beautiful about this comic. The colors set the right mood, the lines were sharp and distinct and the unrealistic world was made vivid and real. By far, the best part about this comic was the terrific artwork that lined its pages.

Is It Good?

It certainly wasn’t bad. If you’re fancying some nice artwork and a fun taste of Norse mythology be sure to pick it up, but if you want a really great storyline, you might not want to spend your money on Ragnarok #1.

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