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Is It Good? Amazing Spider-Man #4 Review

Marvel has this little event called Original Sin going on which has sprouted tie-ins in a clever way. You see, the Watcher was killed and his watching has been revealed to all. Secrets are now coming to light to our heroes and this week we get to see Spider-Man’s. The question is, is it good?

Amazing Spider-Man #4 (Marvel Comics)

The funny thing about the “original sin” revealed in this issue is we’ve known about it for a good two or three months now. A girl calling herself Silk has been imprisoned by Ezekiel for years, ever since she and Peter were bitten by the same radioactive spider. Once the Orb held up that eye Peter has known she existed. This issue takes place the day the Orb did the eyeball bomb thing which means this series has been a bit behind when it comes to the main Marvel timeline. Now that he’s pretty caught up, this issue follows Peter as he learns more about Silk.

Maybe he’s in LOoooovvvVVe.

There are way fewer balls in the air when it comes to plotting in this issue, which typically is a good thing, but for writer Dan Slott it’s less of his normal way of doing things. Usually we cut to two or three different sets of characters to progress their storylines too. We do cut to Black Cat for a brief moment, but really this issue is all about Spider-Man and Silk. He does a good job working in her powers and the differences between her and Spidey, that is for sure. We also get some titillating character moments that’ll make you wonder if Spidey and Silk are going to be more than just friends. The impending doom that’s coming is also well delivered. If you’re looking for a great fight sequence you won’t find it here, but as far as character dynamics and the setting up of an upcoming big bad you’re in the right place.

That web looks like magic.

Humberto Ramos continues to draw Spidey in his very lanky and bendy way. I know many people dislike the look he gives Spider-Man, probably because he isn’t a brick house muscle machine but more of a spider, but I think it suits the character well. The design he’s come up with for Silk’s costume is decent, although it’s rather basic if you ask me. It’s certainly not even functional, but it’s a neat idea in that it can always look a little different. That plays to Ramos’ strength of kinetic style.

In the heat of battle it’s all about perception!

Is It Good?

I liked this comic, even if it was almost all about setting up what is to come. The dynamic between Spider-Man and Silk is fresh and new and something to keep your eyes on.


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