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Is It Good? Starlight #5 Review

So far Starlight has been the strongest Millarworld series yet. It’s got the epic scope and a human, emotional story, with plenty of great art too. That doesn’t mean the single issue format can’t have a bump in the road, so what’s the verdict? Is it good?

Starlight #5 (Image Comics)

The series is all about Duke, an ex-space adventurer who is not unlike Flash Gordon. He’s now up there in age and retired. Recently his wife passed away and his family grew distant form him. That’s partly because they think he’s a liar when he says he saved a planet when he was in his 20s. A young boy shows up though, rekindling his sense of adventure by sending him back to the planet he saved. The planet is now enslaved by overlords and only Duke can save them. He’s recently joined the resistance, but there’s an inside man that has let the overlords know where they are. That can’t be good.

This issue opens with the backstory of the boy who brought Duke back to rescue the planet. We find out why he’s an orphan and it essentially strengthens his story arc. So far it’s been all about Duke with tidbits dropped in about the boy. Writer Mark Millar definitely introduces this boy’s backstory at a good time, because Duke’s is starting to wear thin. We now have a good tie to the planet and boy which helps enliven the purpose of the series. This is strengthened by a nice teacherly moment between Duke and the boy as well.

What about Batman!?

Those of you wishing for some action, don’t worry, because there is plenty of it. Duke once again shows he’s not some washed up ex-hero, but he’s got the chops and wherewithal to kick ass and take names. On top of all that the stakes are raised tenfold here and anyone who isn’t dying to read the next issue is blind.

The art by Goran Parlov continues to be excellent. The man has a good sense of speed and pace not only with action but when it comes to exposition, too. So often exposition is jammed into a panel, but it’s obvious Parlov spends a lot of extra time thinking about how to convey the expositional moments so that the scale and layout match the words.

Ouch to the face.

Is It Good?

Another excellent issue that’s about on par with Saga when it comes to being consistently great.


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