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Is It Good? The Devilers #2 Review

In the first issue, we witness a special task force of exorcists being assembled as the plot for this League of Extraordinary Gentlemen meets Constantine” series is set. Now with a complete team, issue two takes us into the mouth of hell as The Devilers seek to stop the hordes of demons from flooding our world, which may require a little chit-chat with the big man himself. Is it good?

The Devilers #2 (Dynamite Entertainment)

While the first issue was compact and well-structured with its storytelling, this issue falls a little short. This issue attempts to provide multiple back stories to the characters along with the present timeline and things get a bit jumbled. Issue #2 begins with a memory from one of the team members about a rape case, however when we jump back to the present, the team is descending into hell and the demons they were confronted by at the end of issue #1 are nowhere to be found. Another “origin” story for a team member is later brought up, but the memory we begin with was never finished. It’s not terribly confusing, but the storyline just isn’t as succinct as we saw in the previous issue.

Despite how it’s being presented, the story that Fialkov is delivering is one of the more thrilling hell-ventures I’ve read. The characters are amusing and the structure of the story is very similar to that of a video game in that each character possesses a unique ability and their journey through hell thus far appears to have stages amongst the battles (We’ll see if this holds true in future issues.) These qualities are reminiscent of the gaming format and if this series is going to be formulaic in nature, this wouldn’t be a bad style to rely on. Besides a few unrecognizable facial expressions in this issue, the art is pretty awesome. Triano does an excellent job with illustrating unique demons and pretty grotesque images (This chick in hell has her guts hanging out of her and she picks them up and takes a huge bite out of it, like it was a Big Mac or something. It was super gross and super cool at the same time) and Roberts does a great job of illuminating hell, while still maintaining the gloomy quality.

Is It Good?

Did I enjoy reading it? Absolutely. Am I looking forward to the next? 100%. Besides the storyline being a little messy, the story itself is quality. I’m very excited to see where this takes us.


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