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Is It Good? Genius #5 Review

The conclusion to Genius‘ story begins with a race against the National Guard and their Abrams tanks! Destiny must zoom in and out of traffic on her motorcycle to force cars into each other, delaying the Guard as much as possible. Cars are no obstacle to an Abrams tank as they steamroll over them. Hopefully the civilians were able to escape their vehicles before they were smashed to bits. The beginning is full of action and purpose, but does the rest of the comic live up to the exciting beginning? Is it good?

Genius #5 (Image Comics)

Destiny easily beats the National Guard back to South Central and she rallies her troops for a final stand. Her military genius is back on display; she is calm and collected while performing guerilla warfare tactics to a tee. She sneaks through the sewers to deploy C4 right under the oncoming Abrams tanks. The result is a gorgeous panel of destruction by Afua Richardson. Two tanks are in flames, one tipping over while a third one watches the devastation.

Richardson has adjusted her style from the previous books; the page is grittier and less cartoony, from the smoke billowing off the explosion to the shadows on the grass and the on-looking tank. Richardson even changed up the looks of Destiny’s best friend, Chavonne, giving her a haircut, dressing her in less revealing clothes, and all in black instead of her previous colorful outfits showing plenty of skin. There are still a few minor issues, from the way the police are positioned on one of the vehicles to the police chief having a huge water balloon for a gut instead of a beer belly, but the worst is Tyrell’s boxers; man, those are some neon purple and pink.

Marc Bernardin and Adam Freeman left their best writing to last, throwing multiple curveballs at the reader. They create a sense of despair and a loss of hope. There is an imminent feeling of defeat looming around Destiny and her gang as she conjures up thoughts of Custer and Shaka Zulu, but Bernardin and Freeman remove the forbidding feeling in an instant with Destiny’s knack for battlefield tactics. She bewilders the National Guard buying time for her troops to escape the kill zone.

Her next move is completely unexpected and scary as all get out, but works brilliantly in her favor. Her interview with Cortina is released and is it a doozy. Freeman and Bernardin make another major societal critique, this time not targeting police corruption or militarization, but citizens in general. Destiny charges them to look around and question when their neighborhood will have had enough of agreements made on their behalf that are not in their best interest. The whole message is quite ironic seeing what actually happens to Destiny. But you will have to pick up the issue to find out yourself.

Is It Good?

Genius #5 is a great conclusion to an intriguing story that had its ups and downs. Richardson’s artwork is the best in the series and Bernardin and Freeman threw a number of curveballs keeping the reader guessing until the very end.


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