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Is It Good? Original Sin #8 Review

The last issue of Marvel’s summer event is here, Watcher is dead, Nick Fury is some kind of intergalactic guard of Earth and…well, is it good?

Original Sin #8 (Marvel Comics)

Last issue was spent mostly watching Nick Fury take out the Avengers with ease. Guy has some kind of super space suit and a big gun, which is necessary considering he’s no longer young. Turns out the serum that kept him young wore off and he’s been in hiding ever since. Last issue we learned who took Watcher’s eye, but who killed him is discovered in this issue and it’s…not so surprising.

So they just left his body out and didn’t even put a sheet over him? That room must stink!

Jason Aaron writes an okay issue here, with a good amount of action, although there really are no stakes so we all know how this one will play out. Cutting between Nick Fury taking on Dr. Midas and company, we get flashbacks to the moment the Watcher was killed. If you’re looking for any big reveal you’ll get it on the last few pages as Aaron sets up where we’re at with multiple characters, including the state of Thor, who the new Watcher is and who takes up the mantle Nick Fury left behind. All and all it’s not so surprising, especially if you read solicits, but for what it’s worth everything is tied up in a little bow. There’s nothing dangling really, but I suspect a lot of folks will cry foul when they learn nothing much has changed aside from some characters getting a new direction. The Orb, for instance, seems to be a main player with souped up powers.

Ooh, one eyed man dig!

Overall this series was just okay, mostly because it ran into an identity crisis early on. It set itself up as a mystery, turned into a flashback-heavy story about Nick Fury and capped off with some course changes for Marvel as a whole. Was anything learned? Not really, and even with secrets laid bare it’s clear characters will continue to not trust each other and be secretive. You’d think with all your dirty laundry aired you’d learn to be a bit more honest with yourself and others, but ah well, it’s just a summer event. Nobody is expecting grand psychological introspection.

Dialogue is a bit off throughout the book, like when Cap says the remnants of a character is a “sack of bloody stew” or the Orb storms in on someone and says “I just wanna watch.” It screams catchphrase and doesn’t sound very realistc.

So it’s suicide by cop?

Mike Deodato Jr. continues to show he can draw an event like no other, with great detail and plenty of interesting layouts. I for one am not a big fan of his diagonal panels—they seem to take up room more than tell a story of any kind—but it’s at least interesting to look at. Considering how much he had to draw in these issues the quality never dips, which is saying a lot.

“Sack of bloody stew” is a very gross and inappropriate way of saying your good friend is dead. What a jerk.

Is It Good?

Overall a very tepid climax with a lot of interesting developments in the final pages once the smoke clears. It’s not the best event series, not even this summer, but it at least doesn’t leave too many storylines hanging.


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