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Is It Good? Constantine: Futures End #1 Review

Constantine is playing a rather big role in Futures End. As such, I’m interested in seeing what his Futures End tie-in is all about. Will it be adding extra detail to the story he’s in like Green Arrow or will it serve as a quasi-prequel or extra background for what he has been up to five years in the future? Is it good?

Constantine: Futures End #1 (DC Comics)


John Constantine is facing down Dr. Fate… well the helmet of Dr. Fate/Nabu. John places blame on the helmet for not being able to stop or at least help out during the war to stop all of the chaos; Fate refutes the claim and claims that if they join up, they can right the wrongs and fix the world (or something like that). The question is, who’s going to win this face-off?


Now this wasn’t too shabby. Rather slow, but still alright. This issue definitely acts as a prequel of sorts to Constantine’s storyline in Futures End and does help fill in some of his backstory that was alluded to during the comic. It’s not bad to read either, featuring an interesting match-up between Dr. Fate and Constantine, while also dropping some hints about what they have been doing recently. However, the story feels a bit lacking and unengaging at points. Things were definitely happening and the twist at the end is nice, but it never exactly sucked me in either.

Why it didn’t is most likely to do with the writing. It’s very dialogue and narration heavy story at points and these instances are not particularly engaging; characters just arguing with each other in scenes lacking any real emotion or power doesn’t do much for me. The pacing is fine, but a bit erratic at points moving between very slow and very fast. On the flipside though, the story flows pretty well and the characterization isn’t too bad, though it’s hard to particularly care about the characters in story. It’s just that the issue felt lacking to me for some reason.


What isn’t lacking in this book is the artwork by Juan Ferreryra, which looks fantastic. Outside of some sketchy looking facial expressions, just about everything looks great here. The characters are wonderfully drawn, the use of the coloring and the lack of inks really given the book an interesting and dreary look, the layouts look really great, and there is some really spectacular looking imagery that definitely elevates the book. Even if I wasn’t completely into the writing here, the artwork made the journey and time I spent with it worth it.

Is It Good?

Constantine: Futures End #1 is a book with a good base that feels like it is lacking something. Now, that could easily just be me here despite some weak dialogue and odd pacing. Personally, if you have been enjoying the series up until now, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this issue and want to check it out. Otherwise, you may just want to read this in the store first to see if you want it.


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