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Is It Good? Edge of Spider-Verse #1 Review

To say I’m a fan of the Spider-Man Noir miniseries is an understatement. To see a Spidey in the 30’s, complete with functional costume and an interesting twist on his origin that screams Indiana Jones, is a great joy.

Why does this matter? Because Edge of Spider-Verse features the return of Spider-Man Noir, that’s why. Is it good?

Edge of Spider-Verse #1 (Marvel Comics)

This issue is all about what was going on with Spider-Man Noir right before Superior Spider-Man snatched him up. As we saw at the end of Superior Spider-Man #32, Spider-Man Noir was hanging with multiverse Spider-people, so in a way this issue is a bit of a flashback. If this issue is any indication this series will be an anthology of sorts as it spends most of its time dipping into the Spider-person of focus. It’s not until the final pages does Superior Spider-Man show up to save Spider-Man Noir from the trident wielding bad guy.

Did they even have video equipment back then?

David Hine and Fabrice Sapolsky write a pretty solid issue here, dipping into the Noir storyline and showing us the interesting twists and turns this gritty universe has to offer. Felicia Hardy for instance, has had her face all messed up from those looking for Spider-Man and Spidey actually got his powers from a totem that the Goblin was shipping to America. It’s all very pulp and it’s great fun to dip into the universe.

For those not interested in the character however, I would say you should stay away, as the focus is more on recapping the character and introducing him than doing anything with the bigger picture. I’m not sure knowing more than the fact that he’s from the 1930’s is going to change the way you read this story so in a way this issue is more of a tie-in than anything.

Artist Richard Isanove is pulling off one hell of a good impression of Jae Lee as the painterly look and feel is nearly exact. Of course they worked on The Dark Tower comics so that makes sense. The layouts and style aren’t quite as dream-like, but damn is he a dead ringer for the same style. Is there anyone else doing this? I don’t think so. The style lends itself to the 1930’s giving it all an old timey feel that suits the story.

I like this version of Mysterio.

Is It Good?

If you like Spider-Man Noir you will love this issue, but those looking for more of an event book might be disappointed. There’s nothing revealed here you didn’t already know if you read Superior Spider-Man #32 as it serves more of a origin/recap of Spider-Man Noir.


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