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Is It Good? Worlds’ Finest: Futures End #1 Review

Power Girl has to break into Cadmus Island to free Huntress. Easier said than done, right? Is it good?

Worlds’ Finest: Futures End #1 (DC Comics)

Taking place before Futures End (from what I can tell), Power Girl infiltrates Cadmus Island looking to rescue Helena Wayne, aka Huntress, from evil people there. Can she do it? Well, if you have been reading Futures End, you should know the answer to that already.

Aw crap! I broke the door handle. Now I can’t get in at all!

Of the Futures End tie-in issues I have read, this has to be one of the weakest so far. It’s not that it’s poorly written or anything like that. No, it’s the fact that really doesn’t do much with the idea of being five years in the future. Sure, we know that these characters eventually end up on Cadmus Island, but why not focus a little bit on them before they get there to see what the world was like for them? Feels rather weak and a waste of potential honestly.

Also, the story in general is rather weak. Again, it’s not poorly written or anything, it’s just so underwhelming and not interesting. The first half of the story is Power Girl breaking in and the second half is her getting into a big fight scene for the rest of the story. There’s not much to it; not any twists, turns or surprises. The story even opens up a few plot holes with the main comic accidently, like how strong is Fifty Sue exactly? She’s able to beat down to powerful characters, but she has difficulty with Big Barda and Emiko Queen? The story just has problems.

Being able to change your clothes quickly is a benefit of super speed no one ever seems to mention.

The writing overall really isn’t too bad. The pacing here is very quick and this story goes by in a flash, so don’t expect to be taking your time reading it like other Futures End tie-ins. The dialogue and narration are okay, with no awkward or odd sounding lines. That’s probably in part due to the characterization. Despite its problems, everyone does feel in character and acts very much how they would normally or in Futures End, so it definitely earns points there. The ending is rather weak though, just bringing the comic to an abrupt and rather downer close. Now, considering this story and the characters’ futures, there is no other way this comic could have ended, but it still feels weak.

The artwork looks pretty decent overall. I mean, it’s not the greatest or most groundbreaking art I have seen, but it gets the job done. The characters look fine for the most part (outside of some rather dull or odd looking facial expressions), the coloring is fine, the action looks pretty solid and has some good energy to it, and the layouts aren’t bad. There’s nothing else to it really, but it at least looks pretty good.

This can only end badly for him.

Is It Good?

Worlds’ Finest: Futures End #1 is a rather lackluster and forgettable issue. It basically tells us a story where we already know the ending to, but doesn’t provide any extra information, details, or characterization to engage the audience. While the writing and artwork isn’t bad, it’s just not that memorable of a tale. Skip it.


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