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Is It Good? Billy The Pyro #3 Review

When it comes to “alternative” comic book heroes steeped in reality there’s a lot to choose from on the stands. Recently a super powered boy learned he can shoot fire from his hands and his origin was interesting to say the least; as far as the latest issue, is it good?

Billy The Pyro #3 (Alterna)

Over the last two issues our protagonist named Billy learned he has the ability to cast fire. He learns the hard way, taking out a city block, and since then he’s gone from poor city kid with an alcoholic father to superhero in training; or at least it appears that way.

A lab has taken him in and explained where he came from, why his mother is gone, and they’re ready to foster him until he’s ready to use his powers for good.

That second panel is solid.

This issue delves into the past where we learn more about the program Billy is now a part of. Writer Brad Burdick fills this one with a lot of exposition, although the flashback and a brief action scene help break it up a bit. That said, there’s a lot of explaining going on, presumably to get the characters and reader up to speed so we can get to the villain ASAP.

Billy’s temper continues to be the focus in this issue and will most assuredly be a major character trait moving forward. This makes him complex and one might wonder whether Billy has the potential to become a villain, or may be given the choice at some point down the road.

I’m not a big fan of the female love interest introduced near the end of the issue. It seems forced, as if Burdick needed a relationship and stuffed her in at the end. Fortunately it’s brief and might reap benefits later, but still — didn’t jive with the rest of the issue.

The art by Fabian Cobos continues to look crisp and interesting. I particularly like the reflection he throws on the arena scene floor. There’s a simplicity to his work that makes the imagery believable, partially due to the good work on expressions, but incredible detail isn’t necessary. There’s some rougher work in this issue than in previous though, possibly due to lack of time, but overall it’s strong.

Probably how we’d all react.

Is It Good?

This series continues to sell the believability of a boy learning he has insane powers. This issue is a bit too exposition heavy, and doesn’t introduce much of anything new, setting up the next issue rather than being a joy to read on its own.


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