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Is It Good? Devilers #4 Review

Last month we were graced with the vision of Mr. Almighty in the final pages of issue three and this week we get up close and personal with the big man. So with a bold religious-philosophical statement, another character background story, and a slew of plot twists, is it good?

Devilers #4 (Dynamite Entertainment)


Last month I was a little down on the series because it seemed to have streamlined since the debut, but this issue delivers plenty of excitement that this series originally showed potential for.

The Devilers maintains its narrative format by starting the issue with a glimpse into Samir Patel’s past. Patel possesses the persuasive powers of will bending so this introduction provides some comic relief in revealing his previous job as an infomercial salesman. This storyline continues throughout the issue with the introduction of Patel’s father who also possesses a similar mental ability. Things escalate quickly when what appears to be a friendly father-son outing turns into a demonic trap ending in what appears to be Patel’s death. It was like one of those Scoody-Doo reveal scenes, but instead of pulling off a mask, Patel’s father’s flesh ripped apart, Satan popped out, and Patel got run through with a claw blade, all of this being orchestrated by some Elvis lyrics. It’s these kind of scenes that make you puzzled, but beg for more.


The other half of the issue details the group’s interactions with his Holiness. After an amusing discussion with George, the now labeled atheist of the group, He whisks the Devilers off to explain why Satan isn’t home and the demon neighborhood kids are rioting in his absence. This history lesson provides a lot of answers and also sets up a new mission for the group. God’s mission to exterminate the demons which now walk among our realm creates the opportunity for a new dynamic for the comic. Will each issue focus of on the tracking of one specific demon? Will we continue to see backstories for each character in each issue? Will George now be ditched because he’s an atheist and the only one without powers? I personally hope we continue with the backstories because the main storyline hasn’t had the opportunity to give each member a lot of face-time.

Layout 1

As far as the art goes, while Triano still struggles with facial expressions, such as one panel early on with George, he makes up for it with the heavenly scenes of cosmos while the team is being lectured to by God. The two page spread of heaven is an impressive vision of the sanctuary and Triano continues to do an equally pleasing character of God-Allah-Yahweh — whatever name tickles your fancy. I also really enjoyed the layout of the pages and the angle and dimensions of the panel views, featuring characters levitating and floating through heaven.

Is It Good?

I love the fact Fialkov is now putting labels under the characters (one of my earlier complaints in the series). We’re now able to learn the characters names and powers much quicker and don’t have to flip through the previous issues tracking down names. I’m also enjoying the direction of the series after this issue. This almost feels like the end of a story arc despite only being the first four issues, but regardless I’m excited to see what comes next.


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