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Is It Good? Manifest Destiny #11 Review

It’s a slow week for Image Comics, but at least we’re getting a new issue of Manifest Destiny out of the deal.

Will we see the end to the current story arc in this issue? (I mean, how much more can they stretch it out?) Is it good?

Manifest Destiny #11 (Image Comics)


After recovering their wounded and badly bug bitten men from the woods, Lewis sends word to Clark that he may have an idea for escaping the killer frog circling their boat. First, they’re going to need some bait…

Don’t worry man, we’ll pop those damn pimples for ya.

Now this how you do a climax/arc finale. Writer Chris Dingess wraps up all the remaining storylines for this arc and sets a few possible ones into motion for later on. Dingess’ story is very intense, action-packed and leaves you on a very satisfied note; not one part of the story was weak and not a single page was wasted as Manifest Destiny #11 features plenty of build-up and and some well deserved payoff. I’m aware there is one more issue before the book takes a month off which could be the arc finale, but this issue definitely felt like an ending and makes me excited to see what comes next. Even so, I wonder what the next issue will be about.

Dingess’ writing is fantastic and really guides the story’s success. The pacing is excellent and the characterization is well-done (Lewis gets a big chance to shine this issue that was highly enjoyable to see), although I do wish we could have seen a bit more development with the other characters. The dialogue and narration were good as always and the ending is solid and reminiscent of the ending to the first arc, which I liked. All in all, a truly fantastic issue that delivered on all the buildup and intrigue this arc provided.


The artwork by Matthew Roberts is spectacularly good and intense as always. The layouts are truly phenomenal, the characters look great and the amount of detail and skill put into each page, monster, character, and location are astonishing. If you’re a regular reader of Manifest Destiny you’ll be glad to know the artwork hasn’t diminished remotely and continues to astound and impress with every issue.

Is It Good?

Manifest Destiny #11 was a truly engaging and thrilling conclusion to this arc (possibly) delivering on a lot of payoff and buildup. With strong writing and artwork, this series continues to only get better and better. With only one issue left before the comic takes a month off, what will we get to see next?


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