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Is It Good? Godzilla: Cataclysm #3 Review

In last month’s issue, we learned that the monsters were back…again…for the second time. This issue explores a bit more about what that means for the humans and just why Godzilla is so pissed off at us. Is it good?

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Godzilla: Cataclysm #3 (IDW Publishing)

Hiroshi gives the villagers (and the readers) a vague exposition dump referring to how the humans at one time tried to control the monsters. His words are coupled with terrifying images of this occurring in the distant past along with some nose bleeding in the present for good measure.

“…once we started wearing virtual reality helmets from the 1990’s, everything went downhill fast.”

But the main ‘reveal’ of this issue is that Biollante is regrowing much faster than the children who salvaged a small piece of him had anticipated. This brings down a swarm of monsters upon the group of unfortunate survivors, including an appearance by a very hungry-for-some-salad Megagurius.

As the issue ends, Hiroshi and the boys are rushing to try and hide a tiny portion of Biollante from the invading kaiju. Fortunately, Mothra shows up to defend it from Godzilla, who has absolutely no interest whatsoever in
going green.

Is It Good?

Okay, new rule: Cataclysm can’t come out on the same week as Rulers of Earth. It just makes the floundering main Godzilla series look even worse.

That being said…if my main complaint about RoE is a scattered and convoluted mythology, then Cataclysm appears to be suffering from an opposite problem. Each chapter of the story seems hell bent on beating us over the head with information that has already been clearly explained or could be easily inferred.

Fortunately, it’s all beautifully framed by Dave Wachter’s outstanding artwork. The attack by Megagurius and the swarm of insects in particular stood out as one of many great sequences in a delightfully action heavy issue.

And despite its repetitiveness, the narrative by writer Cullen Bunn is still incredibly interesting and a lot of fun. I love the way he/Hiroshi explains how the monsters really are ‘gods’ whether you believe in the supernatural or not. His use of Biollante as a potential savior for the world is also a great plot point, creating a perfect flashpoint around which the conflict between humans and monsters alike has occurred.

If you’re new to Godzilla and want a book that you can understand and enjoy without years of mythology and backstory…or if you’re a long time fan who just wants a uniquely exciting and fantastic tale about the Toho monsters…this is definitely a series you should be reading.

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