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Is It Good? Starlight #6 Review

The final issue is here and we finally get to know if Duke isn’t just some chump old man but really the hero he used to be. Considering his flourishes of badassery I think he’ll be just fine, but is it good?

Starlight #6 (Image Comics)

Why is this comic called Starlight again? … Can someone please enlighten me (pun intended)? I guess it doesn’t matter, because damn, is it a good comic. This is in large part because of the unique character; how often do we get old heroes who are ready to be put out to pasture only to rise up and kick ass? If you don’t imagine Bruce Willis playing the role in the movie adaptation, you’re a blind person. For those of you just joining us, Duke is basically Flash Gordon, as he travelled to a distant planet in his youth and saved a beautiful queen. This series picked up in his later years decades after coming back from his adventure with grown up kids and a wife who recently passed away. After being brought back to the planet where he was known as a hero, he’s in a real pickle with all the odds against him. Exactly where he wants to be.

I can’t tell if that would hurt or not.

What we have in this issue is a full-out climax to the story and it pays off in a lot of ways. It’s clear writer Mark Millar is having a lot of fun because Duke is having plenty of fun himself. Sure, he should probably be worried and even a bit scared about his odds, but he has a swagger in this issue that’s unmistakably action movie bravado. That makes up the first 26 pages, with the final 12 capping everything off nicely. It’s a nice bookend and a great send-off to the character and the series. Dare I say, Duke’s retribution reminded me of The Neverending Story? I’ll leave it at that.

Dun dunnn dunnnnnnn!

Artist Goran Parlov is once again spectacular. He’s clearly having as much fun as Millar with the pencils and layouts with plenty of great acting by the protagonist throughout. The layouts are a bit ordinary; not as compelling as in the last few issues, but maybe that’s due to the story turning into an action sequence. His imagery is simplistic in its own way—less detailed, but that’s because it’s so damn efficient. For instance, a close-up of just the villain’s eyes as he takes his last breath was probably composed with about 50 lines, yet it works wonderfully to convey story and suspense. There’s a tension in his work that tethers everything beautifully.

That’s kinda gross right?

Is It Good?

A great send off to a fun and compelling story that anyone can love. The action might run long, but we’ve all been waiting for this climax, so bring it, and read it today!


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