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Is It Good? Amazing Spider-Man #8 Review

Following the formula of two stories in one issue from last month, Spider-Man wraps up his team up with Ms. Marvel and a Spider-Verse tie-in continues.

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Is it good?

Amazing Spider-Man (2014-) #8 (Marvel Comics)

Last month, Spider-Man and Ms. Marvel, the unlikeliest of teammates teamed up to fight off an alien Kree scientist who’s after a cocoon similar to the one Ms. Marvel came out of.

There’s also a 6-page backup story — an all new look at another Spider-person: Mayday Parker, who is being attacked by a totem eating bastard. Each story is written by Dan Slott with art duties being split between Humberto Ramos on the backup and Giuseppe Camuncoli on the opening salvo.

Love that Spidey wit!

Dan Slott does a bang up job with both stories, albeit the main feature is a basic action sequence and not much more. For those of you wishing there were more done in one bad guy vs. Spidey stories — this is for you. How or why the cocoon matters to Spidey remains to be seen and in my opinion probably has more to do with Ms. Marvel’s story than anything. Still, we get plenty of Spider-Man wit and humor, a check in with Silk and her new costume and plenty of fun action.

You can’t argue the main story is fun and action packed. Sadly this and the backup make the entire thing spread out much too thin. That makes this issue very middling and almost skippable.

The backup is good, tragic even, and the emotional impact is felt even though I’m not familiar with this version of Spider-Man (or is it woman?). The bad guy does reveal a bit more about his family of “spider eaters” (inheritors of all creation) which is interesting, but aside from that and the tragic goodbye Mayday must make it’s another quick check in that’ll mean a lot more when the bigger story starts being told.

Nice panels!

I can’t say enough how much I love Giuseppe Camuncoli drawing Spider-Man. He gives him a weight and feel reminscent of the 90’s Spider-Man I grew up on. The layouts are always interesting and the action compelling. Humberto Ramos doesn’t have much to work with as his section is very claustrophobia-inducing, but it’s emotionally resonant.


Is It Good?

A decent issue overall with a fun team up with Ms. Marvel and new details on Spider-Verse, but overall it’s a ho-hum affair as things are spread too thin.

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