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Is It Good? Robyn Hood: The Ongoing Series #3

Priests are creepy and they ain’t any better when they’ve got magical powers and think they are gods. Jeez, I hate when that happens.

Coincidentally, that’s what’s happening in Robyn Hood: The Ongoing Series #3. Is it good?

Robyn Hood: The Ongoing Series #3 (Zenescope Entertainment)

What we got here is a hero who’s banded with some witches to take on a evil priest with super powers. The power has gotten to his head, a power that comes from a drug that gives you magical powers, and he’s been piling up the bodies. This issue is organized in an interesting and not so conventional way, but the story concludes and shifts as most would.

Women are a bunch of god damn witches.

Writer Pat Shand opens the book with a fight sequence in a very third act, climaxy sort of way. That’s the first 9 pages, then the comic quickly flashbacks to our hero figuring out the plan on how to take the priest out. Interesting way to tell the story and it’s a breath of fresh air to see it told in a different sort of way. Here’s the thing, we still have 13 more pages, yet the comic feels over. This is exciting and concerning all at once and it’s not an understatement to say I had anxiety not knowing what the hell he was doing for the rest of the issue.

Fear not, the remaining pages are what you might expect from an episode of Buffy or some other conversational heavy sort of TV show in a good way. Plot points are resolved, but not without some choice dialogue and character driven moments. Essentially we’re getting a non superhero, non fight sequence sort of comic for the second half and that’s just fine with me. It helps with settling things and it’s taking some chances. The final pages are used to set up what comes next and they’re a good dose of dread to follow those feel good relaxed moments.

Artist Claudia Balboni continues to impress with the action as her choreography is interesting and compelling. She uses a neat background for the flashback that doesn’t necessarily make a lot of sense, what is it water, but it helps separate things. Her backgrounds are a bit too sparse for my liking, it’s like every scene is an empty room, but she makes up for that with the atmospheric and freaky final pages.

Jesus reference?!

Is It Good?

This is an excellent conclusion to the first story arc with a lot of great ideas, good pace and fantastic dialogue. Check it out if you like surprises and ideas, or don’t if you hate fun.


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