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Is It Good? Saga #24 Review

This is the third bittersweet issue of Saga because it’s the third time we’ve reached the last issue before the hiatus. Sigh. Nothing you can do but enjoy the latest issue as much as you can.

Is it good?

Saga #24 (Image Comics)

A lot has happened in the course of this series, especially when you consider this latest arc jumped ahead a few years. Alana and Marko’s baby for instance is now a little girl so it comes as no surprise this issue reveals other characters that didn’t get as much play and how they’ve advanced. For those of you who disliked the last issue for its singular focus and inability to give us definitive answers — it’s time to shut up.

Yep, I’m being rude, because damn nabbit this is one excellent issue.

I don’t think he knows what a space ship is…

Brian K. Vaughn opens this issue with Ghüs, the cute baby seal who helped out Marko and Alana over near the writers’ lighthouse. Before him is The Brand, The Will’s sister and freelance hitman. With her is her trusty sidekick Sweet Boy, a red and black St. Bernard, and together they are looking for answers as to who hurt The Will. This issue serves as a check-in on many of the characters we’ve grown to love over this series, from Lying Cat to Gwendolyn and many answers abound. If you were annoyed with the cliffhanger last issue fear not, as this issue gives new direction to the series and will titillate the most skeptical of readers.

On top of all that we get an exciting fight sequence, a new quest to find dragon sperm and a sex scene that’ll have everyone talking. Essentially this comic has it all and everything you might want from this series (save of course Marko and Alana, who don’t make any appearance in this issue). New readers would be hard pressed to enjoy this as much as the faithful, but there’s still lots to enjoy in here even if you are new.

The art by Fiona Staples continues to be a most enjoyable experience. I just love how she incorporates animals and gives them so much emotion and personality. One might think it’s easy to give a bear an attitude but think about all the facial control a human has that a bear doesn’t. Making these animal people come to life is an amazing thing and she shows it each and every issue.

Ain’t he darling.

Is It Good?

What a way to cap off the latest arc, with plenty of answers to satiate curiosity, action, sex and humor to entertain and a new direction to look forward to. Once again this series reminds us this is the best comic on the stands.


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