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League of Legends Season 4 LCS End of Season Roster Changes

I have been following the competitive scene of League of Legends for nearly two years now. That’s not as many as some, considering that League just celebrated its 5th anniversary (October 27th!), but I have seen plenty of roster changes, mid-season position swaps, and Korean star imports in my time. I have to say, and I believe I speak for the majority of us, that this season’s end roster changes have shaken my (LCS) world. There are SO many iconic players that have either retired or at the very least announced that they are not renewing their contract with whatever organization they belonged to. I could start rambling off the names now, but I think it would be best to put it down in an organized manner.

We’ll begin by covering the changes in my home country and favorite region of the LCS: North America. The NA region is experiencing some heavy changes. There may more free agents/changes overall in the EU LCS, but in my opinion there are many more iconic names being shuffled around or retired in North America.

NA LCS Changes


Team Solo Mid

  • Dyrus Top (Unchanged)
  • Amazing Jungle (Left)
  • Bjergsen Mid (Unchanged)
  • Wildturtle ADC (Unchanged)
  • Lustboy Support (Unchanged)

Rumors: Santorin to replace Amazing in jungle nearly 100% confirmed on Bjergsen’s stream.

Counter Logic Gaming

  • Seraph Top (Unchanged)
  • Dexter Jungle (Left)
  • Link Mid (Unchanged)
  • Doublelift ADC (Unchanged)
  • Aphromoo Support (Unchanged)

Rumors: Scarra (former Dignitas Coach) to coach, Zionspartan (former Dignitas top laner) possible hire.

Cloud 9: Unchanged


  • Zionspartan Top (Left)
  • Crumbzz Jungle (Unchanged) (New Team Captain)
  • Shiphtur Mid (Unchanged)
  • Imaqtpie ADC (Retired) (w e l o s t b o y z)
  • KiWiKid Support (Unchanged)

Rumors: Perhaps Vasilii (former LMQ) replacement for Imaqtpie. One new Chinese player and one new Korean player confirmed.


  • Quas Top (Unchanged)
  • IWillDominate Jungle (Unchanged)
  • Voyboy Mid (Unchanged)
  • Cop ADC (Left)
  • Xpecial Support (Unchanged)

Rumors: Piglet (former SKTT1 ADC) to replace Cop as ADC confirmed.


  • Ackerman Top (Left)
  • NoName Jungle (Retired)
  • XiaWeiXiao Mid (Unchanged)
  • Vasilii ADC (Left)
  • Mor Support (Unchanged)

Rumors: No official announcements or solid rumors as of yet.

Team 8: Unchanged

Evil Geniuses

  • Innox Top (Unchanged)
  • Helios Jungle (Unchanged)
  • Pobelter Mid (Unchanged)
  • Altec ADC (Unchanged)
  • Krepo Support (Left)

Rumors: Rumors of possible Helios departure. No news on Krepo replacement.

Free Agents

Michael “Imaqtpie” Santana

David “Cop” Roberson

Darshan “Zionspartan” Upadhyaha
  • Imaqtpie (won’t play unless playing with friends, taking time to find self)
  • Zionspartan
  • RobertxLee (created team – confirmed on stream – trying to get into LCS expansion)
  • Pr0lly (on team formed by RobertxLee)
  • Chaox
  • Mancloud
  • Impactful
  • CruzertheBruzer
  • LOD

EU LCS Changes



  • Wickd Top (Unchanged)
  • Shook Jungle (Unchanged)
  • Froggen Mid (Unchanged)
  • Tabzz ADC (Left)
  • Nyph Support (Unchanged)

Rumors: Rekkles (current Fnatic ADC) wants to take Tabzz’s position, has not yet left Fnatic however.


  • Soaz Top (Unchanged)
  • Cyanide Jungle (Unchanged)
  • xPeke Mid (Unchanged)
  • Rekkles ADC (Unchanged…yet)
  • YellowStar Support (Unchanged)

Rumors: Rekkles wants to join Alliance as ADC, but Alliance must buy him out as he is still under contract from Fnatic


  • Freddy122 Top (Unchanged)
  • Svenskeren Jungle (Unchanged)
  • Jesiz Mid (Left) (now Team Coast)
  • Candypanda ADC (Left)
  • nRaed Support (Unchanged)

Rumors: Incarnati0n to replace Jesiz if Riot un-bans him? Rekkles, Tabzz or Forg1ven to replace Candypanda?


  • Xaxus Top (Released)
  • Jankos Jungle (Unchanged)
  • Overpow Mid (Taking top lane)
  • Celaver ADC (Released, replaced by Woolite)
  • Vander Support (Unchanged)

Rumors: Nukeduck in mid lane once unbanned?

Supa Hot Crew

  • Mimer Top (Unchanged)
  • Impaler Jungle (Released, to Team Coast)
  • SELFIE Mid (Unchanged)
  • MrRallez ADC (Unchanged)
  • KaSing Support (Released)

Rumors: Mithy to replace KaSing once unbanned?

Copenhagen Wolves

  • Youngbuck Top (Unchanged)
  • Airwaks Jungle (Unchanged)
  • SorenXD Mid (Unchanged)
  • Woolite ADC (Left, to Roccat)
  • Unlimited Support (Unchanged)

Rumors: NielsHD to replace Woolite?

Gambit Gaming

  • Kubon Top (Unchanged)
  • Diamondprox Jungle (Unchanged)
  • niQ Mid (Unchanged)
  • Edward Support (Unchanged)

Rumors: No ADC announced. Genja and Darien on bench still.

Unicorns of Love

  • Vizicascsi Top (Unchanged)
  • Gillius Jungle (Released, replaced by Kikis)
  • PowerOfEvil Mid (Unchanged)
  • Vardags ADC (Unchanged)
  • Hylissang Support (Unchanged)

Free Agents

Evgeny “Darien” Mazaev

Mitch “Krepo” Voorspoels

Evgeny “Genja” Andryushin
  • Tabzz
  • Forg1ven
  • Freeze
  • Nukeduck
  • Alex Ich (Not playing for any team this season)
  • Mithy
  • Kerp
  • KaSing
  • Candypanda
  • Gilius
  • Celaver
  • Xaxus
  • Darien
  • Genja
  • Dexter
  • Amazing
  • watdefox
  • Zyzz
  • Zytan
  • Smitty J
  • Krepo
  • Snoopeh
  • ImSoFresh
  • ForellenLord
  • Kottenx

So as you can see, this is a very volatile and change-filled end of the season. We have lost many iconic names such as Imaqtpie (previous Dignitas ADC), Cop (previous Curse ADC), and Krepo (previous Evil Geniuses Support) to the end of the LCS season 4. We all have our own favorite players—personally I have followed Imaqtpie ever since I began watching pro League of Legends. The fact that he won’t be playing in the fifth season of the LCS still hasn’t quite sunk in. I’m not sure it ever will. Hopefully some big name organizations or newly-formed teams will pick them up and get into the LCS expansion tournament! We can always hope.

I would like to credit /u/bTs_Psycho from reddit for compiling the majority of this information into an understandable format and making it available to the public.


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