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Is It Good? Futures End #27 Review

Batman stalking Batman Beyond? Lois Lane gathering a secret army on Cadmus Island? Sign me up.

Futures End #27: is it good?

Futures End #27 (DC Comics)


Writers: Brian Azzarello, Keith Giffen, Dan Jurgens, and Jeff Lemire
Artist: Aaron Lopresti



As the heroes on Green Arrow’s island get ready to mount their invasion of Cadmus Island, Tim Drake goes to Lois Lane for help. Madison hasn’t been seen in days and he knows that she has confided in Lane before. Lois doesn’t know and asks him if he can help her with the mysteries of the book. He says that she should go to coordinates, despite the fact that when she went there, she found nothing. Tim insists she does go, since there has to be something there if Red Arrow sent her this information.

Spoiler Corner:

Deathstroke leads Lana and Cash towards the Cadmus Vault where all of the DNA samples of the superheroes are in order to secure or destroy them.
Mister Miracle is keeping an eye on what the Brother Eye controlled superheroes are doing, when he is attacked by a controlled Huntress. He manages to escape, but Brother Eye now realizes he’s out there running around.

As Green Arrow and his team head for the island, they manage to get a signal and map that shows live footage of what is going on around Cadmus’s compound. They see tons and tons of OMACS there, all seemingly waiting for something.

Lois Lane, taking Tim’s advice, decides to return to the spot and parachutes directly into the area. The issue ends without revealing if she lands on the island or not.


Like so many issues before, the comic is still setting things up. Only one story made a big advancement in this issue and that was quite disappointing. With so little happening or advancing, the comic is really starting to drag and test my patience once again. It doesn’t matter how good anything else was in the comic; if the story is this slow and barely moving forward, it really makes for a dull and boring read. Meanwhile, the other weeklies are always keeping the action, the story, and the excitement going. Why can’t this comic do that?

Most Memorable Moment:

And this is the highlight of the issue, only happening at the very end.


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