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Is It Good? 13 Coins #2 Review

The battle between The Fallen and The Sons of Noah (SON) begins to escalate and our John Pozner is caught in the middle. Is it good?

13 Coins #2 (Titan Comics)

Writers Martin Brennan and Michael B. Jackson laid the groundwork and backstory in the first issue and begin to delve a little more into how the world of 13 Coins functions in the second installment. The introduction of Senator Graham hits this point on the head as he addresses a divisive issue in the Voting Rights Act. Despite introducing political intrigue, the dialogue between the reporter and Senator Graham is rather uninspiring and the two do not even seem to be having the same conversation with each other. Distracting from the dialogue between the two is Simon Bisley’s artwork. Apparently, Senators and reporters are both having a rough go of it, because neither has seen a dentist. The reporter is especially hideous with two huge crooked horse teeth, a chin that blends into her neck, and a nose that has seen a fist or two.

The pattern of ugly side characters continues throughout the book. The next tragically terrible looking character is a cop on the hunt to capture Samuel Goodwin, a member of SON. In one panel he appears to have suffered brain damage as his gums are falling out of the roof of his mouth. In an ensuing panel the cop channels Quasimodo, bending at an almost 90 degree angle as he exits a restaurant in pursuit of Goodwin.

The second half of the book begins to flesh out the political intrigue and the amount of power The Fallen have accumulated since descending to Earth. Brennan and Jackson dial up the drama with dirty politicians, blackmail, rogue government agencies, and a life-changing event for John Pozner. The life-changing event is mildly disappointing, but a proven theme throughout comic book history that has affected the greats like Batman and Spider-Man.

This shattering event evolves from a high-powered action sequence. Bisley is able to create a scene of chaos with bodies, bullets, and blood flying across the panels. However, there are too many minor details on each page that could have used a little more attention, from The Fallen’s sunglasses flying off his face to the blood dripping from Goodwin’s sword. Not to mention the teeth again!

This action sequence and the resulting outcomes will leave Pozner facing some tough decisions that most likely will decide the fate of the 13 Coins world.

Is It Good?

Once again the issue starts off a tad slow, but picks up halfway through, really pushing the story and driving the characters to emotional cliffs. The introduction of political intrigue adds another layer of danger within the world. Most of the issue is held back by Bisley’s artwork which could use a lot of work, especially providing dentistry to the characters!


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