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Is It Good? Batman Eternal #33 Review

I thought that last issue of Batman Eternal would be artist Jason Fabok’s final one before moving on to draw Justice League, but it looks like he’ll have another. Fine by me.

Anyways, let’s just see what’s going on in the world of Batman Eternal this week with issue #33. Is it good?

Spoilers Below!

Batman Eternal #33 (DC Comics)


Lead Writer: Kyle Higgins
Other Writers: Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Ray Fawkes and Tim Seeley
Artist: Jason Fabok


After Hush rigged one of the Bat caches to explode and kill several people, Batman needs to reach the remaining caches and destroy them before they can be used against him or anyone else. Julia Pennyworth joins him on the mission, hoping to help. Meanwhile, Jason Bard is starting to have problems with Hush’s methods, since it led to his men being killed. However, Hush wants him to keep to the plan and get ready to set up for their next plan of attack.

Spoiler Corner:

When Batman and Julia work on destroying the first cache, they are ambushed by the police. Batman struggles, but manages to defeat one of the officers who was armed with special gear. Julia has no difficulty with the guys fighting her and she and Bats destroy the cache.

Meanwhile, a news story links Wayne Enterprises to the Bat cache that exploded, causing some of the higher ups to worry. Lucius Fox calls Bruce, upset about the ammo caches throughout the city, wondering if Batman will handle the problem. Bruce promises him that all will be taken care of.

As Batman takes care of another cache, Alfred (who is maintaining contact with him) expresses worry about Julia getting directly involved with him out on the field. Batman assures him she’ll be fine and that she has more experience and training than than most people (even most of his Robins in the past). However, he might have reason to worry since when she goes to a cache solo, she runs into Hush.


Sadly, there wasn’t much going on in this issue. It basically deals with one plot point and that’s really it, making it one of the slower and uneventful issues of the series to date. Don’t get me wrong, there’s still plenty of good things to like: there’s a good deal of character development and characterization, leading to a lot of interesting moments for the cast. Plus, the dialogue and pacing are solid and Fabok’s artwork is amazing like you would expect (the issue had a great fight scene this time around). However, there’s just not much to write home about this time around. Hopefully things pick up next time.

Best Moment:

He’s just jealous you one upped him.


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